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Why You NEED To Read Light Is The New Black

I was in the midst of one of those 'how did I end up this job' days at work when Rebecca Campbell's Light Is The New Black, popped up on my Instagram feed. I took it as a sign and was on-line ordering myself a copy quicker than I could say "I should remember to do the lottery."

(What did people who are unsatisfied at work do before social media?? Fax a friend?)

Light Is The New Black is the kind of book you'll wish you'd read sooner. You'll want to keep a copy by your bedside at all times and read again and again. 

Devour it one go or flick straight to the parts you need to read the most. I devoured it in one. 

This book is a guide to help you "follow what lights you up" and be "an authentic expression of who you truly are."

Now you'll already be thinking either ...

A) I NEED to read this 


B) I switched off when you said 'what lights you up'

Here is why you should vote option A and why you don't need to sit rocking in your chair chanting Ohmm Shanti Shanti to get this.

Yes you'll probably find it lurking with intent in the self help category down at your local book store. But unlike the self help books I've read before, which should've been filed under 'tell me something I don't know' or 'hours of my life I'll never get back,' Light Is The New Black could actually help change your life.  

Rebecca Campbell uses a combination of her own life experiences, practical tools and motivational quotes to guide you towards finding 'what lights you up' in life. What's more it'll stop you getting lost and frustrated in the search.

If you've ever had that feeling there must be more to life than this, then this books for you. 

I could resonate with so much of what Rebecca writes. She puts the words to what I've been feeling but not quite able to put my finger on for a long time. You could lie me on a sofa, read it to me and call it therapy. 

It's the most uplifting, motivating, and empowering thing I've read in a long time. 

Not to make this post about me buuut... I'm on what has so far been a lifelong quest to find a job or life purpose that is right for me. Something that uses my potential and is worthwhile. Years of moaning about this has rendered it "my thing."

I've no doubt that my work ethic has taken a quiet battering during the many times I've announced to family and friends that my job (*insert whatever job it was at the time) was unbearable. Couple this with my inability to answer the question "well what DO you want to do?" and there I am, anguishing over what exactly I should 'do' with my life.

I remember when I worked in a call centre some years ago, and reached breaking point. I was so far out of line with what I felt was right for my soul that I rang my Dad at the start of my working day in a panic, hell bent on walking out. 

His advice to work through to lunch when he'd take me for a bite to eat triggered a further outcry of "but I can't, I ONLY GET HALF AN HOUR FOR LUNCH. There's not enough time, I'll still be chained to the phone"

I'm well aware of how ridiculous and spoilt that tale must sound. I don't expect any of you to be wondering how I got through such a tough time, but for me on that day things weren't going well.  

My 9:00am meltdown was brought about by something much deeper than a strong desire to lob my headset out the bloody window if my phone rang one more time. 

I had a knowing that there was something else that I was meant to be doing. 

"My soul was always calling. I was just facing the wrong way."

(There's a line in there somewhere about the call of my soul being louder than the telephone, but in the interest of a cheese free post I won't use it.)

Explaining how I felt was, and still is, hard to do. What's the best way to explain that handing my notice in and finding a new job won't answer the longing within my soul, and at the same time avoid a psychiatric assessment?

Well, Light Is The New Black knows. Within it's pages this despair and searching for something more is understood. 

"Our soul is always calling us towards what will light us up."

For me personally the search hasn't been called off just yet, but thanks to this book I'm equipped with the tools and the confidence to figure it out. Perhaps most importantly, I'm equipped with the courage to go for it whenever I do. 

"Flowers don't open and close according to who is walking by . They open and show their beauty regardless."

Seriously you should read this book. If you've read it already I'd love to know what you thought of it. If you know me personally and want to borrow my copy, you'll have to read it at my bedside where it now permanently lives. 

*Warning: This book may cause feelings of empowerment. Inclinations to quit mundane jobs may be experienced. Readers should be reminded that they still have bills to pay and should be advised to keep their shit together...until the next lunch break.*

Thanks so much for reading x x 
Rebecca Campbell
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  1. This book sounds so interesting I'll have to get it ASAP. Great post!

    Ella xx

    1. Thank you petal!! Let me know what you think of it if you do. It's such a good read xx


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