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A Long Weekend In St.Ives: Part One

AirBnB flat St Ives, Cornwall
Prosecco overlooking Porthmeor Beach St Ives, Cornwall
There's something about St.Ives, Cornwall that makes you never want to leave. As a family we certainly felt the pull and holidayed there every year. Somewhere at my Mum's house will be the stash of photo albums to prove it. Jelly sandals, hair braids and sun burnt chops (mine) included.

Suddenly you find yourself at an age when you're allowed to stay home without your parents. Family holidays go out the window in favour of sleepovers and the chance to 'do your own thing.' 

Fast forward again, and suddenly you're at an age (32) when you've had ample sufficiency of 'doing your own thing' and definitely will be taking up your parents offer to join them in a sea view house in St. Ives for a long weekend. That my friends is how I spent this bank holiday weekend. 

The plan - drive down Thursday with the fella, spend two nights in an AirBnB harbour view flat, then join my parents, sister and her crew, for another two nights. Cream tea me up!

I was genuinely excited to go back to St Ives and had high hopes that after all these years it would still be the same amazing place I'd always thought it was as a wee nipper.

Deck chairs at St Ives Harbour, Cornwall
Beach huts at Porthwidden Beach St Ives, Cornwall
We were greeted with blue skies and chilled beers, and set off wandering to find the hotspots from holidays gone by. 

Top tip, if you're showing someone around a place and they've never been before, why not make up random facts? See how far you can go before they cotton on. Find a tiny beach then say, "yeah so this is the main beach" and watch their face fall. It's fun. Cruel, but fun.
I was chuffed to be able to pop into Ferrells the bakers, which was exactly how I remembered it to be. Painted blue, maximum capacity of two customers and absolutely amazing baked goods. At a time when the rest of the country has seen the demise of most smaller family run stores, St Ives offers a welcome relief. The quaint little shops here have stood the test of time. I literally don't think you could get much smaller than S.H.Ferrel & Son. So nice to see it's windows still full of freshly baked cakes and breads. Purely in support of smaller enterprises I picked up a few bits...everyday.  

Dotted amongst these stores, a few well known names have made an appearance, there's a Joules and a Cath Kidston for example. They don't spoil the feel of the place though, they add to it. 

St Ives has achieved the almost impossible act of retaining its character while subtly moving with the times. 

We filled our first two days wandering the cobbled streets, taking in the views from the coastal walks, and soaking up a bit of culture in the St Ives Musuem. We drank and ate and watched the world (seagulls) go by. Let me tell you I had the nicest fish and chips I've ever had at The Seafood Cafe on Fore Street. 

The Hub on the Harbour front had been mentioned by a couple of people as a must visit, so ever obliging, we did just that. One flight of beer and a few cocktails later we were on the beach drawing hearts in the sand. Well if you can't be soppy when you're on holiday and a bit pissed when can you??

Flight of beers at The Hub St Ives, Cornwall
Porthmeor Beach St Ives, Cornwall
View of St Ives Harbour
It was almost exactly how I remembered it from my childhood but one thing was different. In the excitement of hot footing it down to the beach with a bucket and spade, I'd never noticed just quite how beautiful this place is. I'd never realised the sea was that blue! 

We were relaxed and ready to meet up with my family. There's just no need to rush when you're in St Ives. Unless of course they've rung the bell for last orders in The Sloop, but that's a story for part two.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you've had the nicest bank holiday weekend. Bloomin marvellous weather wasn't it! 

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  1. I've never been to St Ives but it looks and sounds so beautiful! Definitely on my bucket list. Haha I love the thing about telling lies that sounds hilarious :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. haha yeah I'd absolutely recommend making up your own tour guide details :) It really is such a nice place. I want to go back already!
      Thanks so much for your comment xx

    2. I was going to leave a comment but Anoushka said exactly what I wanted too! Ha x


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