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A Long Weekend In St.Ives: Part One

AirBnB flat St Ives, Cornwall
Prosecco overlooking Porthmeor Beach St Ives, Cornwall
There's something about St.Ives, Cornwall that makes you never want to leave. As a family we certainly felt the pull and holidayed there every year. Somewhere at my Mum's house will be the stash of photo albums to prove it. Jelly sandals, hair braids and sun burnt chops (mine) included.

Suddenly you find yourself at an age when you're allowed to stay home without your parents. Family holidays go out the window in favour of sleepovers and the chance to 'do your own thing.' 

Fast forward again, and suddenly you're at an age (32) when you've had ample sufficiency of 'doing your own thing' and definitely will be taking up your parents offer to join them in a sea view house in St. Ives for a long weekend. That my friends is how I spent this bank holiday weekend. 

The plan - drive down Thursday with the fella, spend two nights in an AirBnB harbour view flat, then join my parents, sister and her crew, for another two nights. Cream tea me up!

I was genuinely excited to go back to St Ives and had high hopes that after all these years it would still be the same amazing place I'd always thought it was as a wee nipper.

Why You NEED To Read Light Is The New Black

I was in the midst of one of those 'how did I end up this job' days at work when Rebecca Campbell's Light Is The New Black, popped up on my Instagram feed. I took it as a sign and was on-line ordering myself a copy quicker than I could say "I should remember to do the lottery."

(What did people who are unsatisfied at work do before social media?? Fax a friend?)

Light Is The New Black is the kind of book you'll wish you'd read sooner. You'll want to keep a copy by your bedside at all times and read again and again. 

Devour it one go or flick straight to the parts you need to read the most. I devoured it in one. 

This book is a guide to help you "follow what lights you up" and be "an authentic expression of who you truly are."

Now you'll already be thinking either ...

A) I NEED to read this 


B) I switched off when you said 'what lights you up'

Here is why you should vote option A and why you don't need to sit rocking in your chair chanting Ohmm Shanti Shanti to get this.

The One When A Psychic Pissed Me Off

Sign leading to Mind Body & Spirit Fair

The psychic was shocked when I told her my age. She had me down for ten years younger. Naturally I was thrilled, but then quickly not so thrilled. Shouldn't she have already known? 

I'd used a new Clarins exfoliator that morning. Maybe I was to blame for meddling with the natural ageing process?

I sat in anticipation across from the Spiritual Tarot Reader, looking ten years younger and eagerly awaiting my messages. What would the spirit guides tell me? What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Here's what she said to me... 

Your Summer Drinks Sorted: New Rekorderlig Cocktails

Rekorderlig Cider Cocktails
When the chance to try Rekorderlig’s brand new cider cocktails came up, I replied with a very quick yes please. They arrived in perfect timing, slap bang in the middle of a sudden heatwave!

The new cocktails are pre-mixed and, better still, in a can! You can be busy routing out your sunnies and your picnic blanket while the drinks chill nicely in the fridge. Easy.

I decided to do just that, and spent an afternoon relaxing on the park, cocktails and boyfriend in tow.

A Fear Of Flying: Using Meditation To Get Me On A Plane

View of the Alps from the plane
Antler luggage at the airport

I'm in the 30% of the population who are afraid of flying. I never used to be phased by it, but somewhere in between getting (slightly) older and not flying at all in my late twenties, I am now out of practice and afraid.

When I met my boyfriend at the age of 29, I hadn't had a proper holiday for about five years. When you hit your mid twenties friends start settling down and naturally their annual leave is bookmarked for jetting off with the men in their lives. Who can blame them.
For what felt like an eternity, I remained for the most part single, while my flip flops remained in a 'not required' pile with various bikinis, kaminos and pineapple print t,shirts. 

Flash forward to today and my travel drought seems to be coming to an end. When the invite for a city break landed I was withdrawing euros quicker than I could say 'dos sangria pour favor'.

The good news - my flip flops were coming out! The bad news - so was a fear of flying and claustrophobia!

48 Hours In Barcelona

Palm Trees in Barcelona
Pretty Pink Spanish Homes in Barcelona

Ola. Kendal and Gigi aren't the only BFF's having a long distance friendship you know! Last weekend I flew to Barcelona to meet up with one of my oldest childhood friends for 48 hours of sightseeing, sangria and a long overdue catch up.

He lives in London these days whereas I'm still bound by my Northern roots, so we planned to bridge the gap and arranged to meet at the airport in Barcelona. Fancy no? Bit like a film no?
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