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Don't Forget To Look Up

Malham Cove
The View From The Top Of Malham Cove

Yesterday I donned my weekend look (ripped jeans,
they make me feel youthful, and converse, same) and went with my chap and his family in search of fresh air! After making my peace with an ETA of 9am on a Sunday!!!... we headed to the small village of Malham, South of the Yorkshire Dales to explore Malham Cove and it's surroundings. 

I'd swap stale office air and staring at a computer screen for picturesque views and fresh air any day of the week!

Malham Cove is a huge cliff formation of limestone rock. Make it up the steps to the top and you find yourself at a limestone pavement where scenes from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows were filmed. So I'm told. 

It's worth the short climb for the views from the top. Why not stand in the spot where Daniel Radcliffe potentially stood? Take a few selfies then, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY! Give yourself a break from staring at your phone. Swap screen gazing for sky gazing...remember to look up!

We need to do this once in a while, don't you think? I can get so caught up in checking my social media feeds at times that I annoy myself. What better day than a Sunday to tell yourself, leave it alone. 

Besides, and I feel about a hundred when I say this, fresh air is good for you!! After spending time outdoors you'll feel energised, less stressed and have a happier, clearer mind. I'm all for that. Plus, when your fella hits his head on the only sign post for miles around, you'll laugh. I mean, really laugh!

Limestone Pavement At Top Of Malham Cove

We wandered on to Gardale Scar, an impressive gorge and waterfall. Such beautiful scenery and not that far from home. Scrap the wanderlusting for distant shores, there's beautiful scenery closer to home too (probably, look into it).

Gardale Scar
The Gorge At Gardale Scar

Finally, before heading to a country pub for an obligatory Sunday roast, we wandered to Janet's Foss, a little beaut of a waterfall. The story here is that 'Jennet queen of the fairies, dwells behind the waterfall'. Hats off to Jennet I say. Issues with damp but a killer view. On the whole a lovely place to live. 

Waterfall at Janet's Foss

Along the route look out for tree stumps laden with lucky pennies. Add a penny of your own and make a wish. Don't, as I assumed touch the stump and wish to be rich.

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you've had a relaxing weekend and are raring to hit the week ahead. Don't forget to Look Up!!! 

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