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What You Shouldn't Waste Time Thinking When You're Looking For Love

Slogan Socks From Topshop, White Converse Trainers

Disclaimer: I am by no means a relationship expert nor do I claim to be. I am however fully proficient at being single having accrued many years experience.

Disclaimer Part Two: I am fully aware that there is nothing wrong with being single. Having a partner in your life is not the be all and end all. You do not need another person to validate your existence. YOU are enough. 

Disclaimers aside, the last time I was single I felt a teeny tiny pressure to make out to the world that I was happy that way. My ego told me 'you'll come across as weak you daft loner' and 'the world will wonder what's wrong with you if you WANT a man but don't actually HAVE a man.

Don't Forget To Look Up

Malham Cove
The View From The Top Of Malham Cove

Yesterday I donned my weekend look (ripped jeans,
they make me feel youthful, and converse, same) and went with my chap and his family in search of fresh air! After making my peace with an ETA of 9am on a Sunday!!!... we headed to the small village of Malham, South of the Yorkshire Dales to explore Malham Cove and it's surroundings. 

I'd swap stale office air and staring at a computer screen for picturesque views and fresh air any day of the week!

I Could Be In Blogosphere Magazine - Shameless Plea For Votes

Blogosphere Magazine

Last Wednesday, as I was checking my Twitter for the gazillionth time that day, I received a high five worthy tweet! Not Your Nine To Five has made it into Blogosphere Magazine's 'In The Spotlight' Top 10!

Of the top 10 shortlisted, the 3 bloggers with the most votes will make into the next Issue of Blogosphere Magazine. Exciting right?

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