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Bloom&Wild Flowers Through Your Letterbox

Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers
Bloom & Wild Fresh Flower Display

I turned 32 yesterday. Traditionally I should still be wallowing in my pit this morning with a raging hangover after a wild night of celebrations ... But as I hurtle deeper into the wrong side of 30, I am changing. Instead of panda eyed and gasping for water the morning after, I am up with the lark (and using the phrase up with the lark) merrily posting about the most beautiful flowers I received for my birthday. Who am I?

One of my oldest friends organised a 'blooming lovely' surprise that landed on my door step. Oldest friend because I met her on my first day at Primary School and haven't been able to shake her off since. Here we are, some 28 years later still friends and getting ready to celebrate her wedding later this year. And what's the secret to a lasting friendship? Prosecco and some lovely gifts.

My friend had organised for a  delivery from Bloom&Wild. Flowers that come with a difference. They fit through your letterbox! Genius! You don't have to wait in for your delivery or have the awkwardness of knocking on at the nosey neighbours you usually try to avoid, to collect your missed delivery. You know full well they'll have read the card!

Your fresh flower bouquet will arrive hand tied and in a box. Then you get the fun of following the easy instructions and arranging your own display. Bit of home therapy for you there! Tips for presenting your blooms and care instructions are included.

When you pass 30 there are two things that you'll notice

1, Your friends and family start buying you flowers

2, You're happy about this. 

My living room resembles a West End Star's dressing room this morning and I'm ok with that.

Bloom&Wild Flowers In A Box

This isn't a sponsored post. I genuinely thought the idea was so lovely and one I'd never heard of. Thought I'd share it with you and add a bit of floral goodness to your weekend. See Not Your Nine To Five isn't just slightly sarcastic whinging. That's right! There's flowers too!

Find Bloom & Wild flowers here if you fancy a bunch.  

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