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Amsterdam: A Photo Diary

Canal Side Houses In Amsterdam
I'm fresh off the plane from a 3 night mini break to Amsterdam. I jetted off with my other half, for a long weekend of exploring the sights and sounds of a city steeped in history and culture. Before anyone jumps the gun, I can neither confirm or deny if we tried space cakes.
Is there anything better than strolling around a new city, with good company and all the time in the world? We set out each day with warm coats, a map, and took in whatever exhibitions/museums/bars took our fancy.
I can't do justice to how beautiful a place Amsterdam is. It's packed with stylish and quirky coffee shops and bars that line its maze of canals. I'm so pleased we wandered to the Jordaan district, which is like stepping back in time (in a good way). Walking into the bars was like being on the set of 'Allo' Allo!, for those of you that can remember the TV series. If the stolen Madonna with the big boobies means nothing to you then nah you never watched it... but you really should.
Cosy and traditional with candles on each intimate table, as you sip your drinks and gaze into each others eyes. Or discuss the novelty clog slippers that you're adamant are a bad idea!! I promise you, you'll step out into the night feeling all dreamy and inspired.
I've put together this little photo diary for you of the city that is now a firm contender for my favourite place.
* 'Photo diary' also known as 'a few holiday snaps.'...bicycles ARE included.
Love Lock Bridge Amsterdam
Tulips At Amsterdam Flower Market

I've gone all dreamy eyed looking back through these photos. Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What are your must see recommendations?
Hope you all had great weekends whatever you got up to and thanks so much for reading x x
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  1. Great pics, I'd love to go to Amsterdam!

  2. I can't wait to visit Amsterdam, it is such a beautiful place, full of culture. Great post and pictures!

    1. Thank you!!! I spent most of my time taking photos, I couldn't resist! Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a great trip when you go! x

  3. Went when I was 17 with college. Very hazy...I remember a club called MelkVeg . There was a nice cafe in there selling lovely cake!


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