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The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week Event

There was no 'Monday Motivation' struggle for me this week as it kick started with my first bloggers event. My alarm went off and I hot footed it to foggy London town to The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week Event.
I would love to say I headed there in between shows but alas no. Lack of front row (or any other row, or standing up at the back) tickets aside, I was keen to soak up the buzz in the city and was excited to be on the list for a bloggers event.
By the time I rolled up at the event I was feeling pretty daunted at walking into a room of bloggers and brands alone. What if someone asked me a tech type question that I didn't know the answer to? What if nobody speaks to me so I have to resort to sending a string of 'highly important' texts, as you do when you're on your own and uncomfortable.
I thought my fears were about to become reality when I saw a group of four bloggers outside the entrance, chatting to each other and laughing. Shit, they're obviously best friends, brilliant bloggers and will, by some sort of psychic ability decide my blog is awful and laugh in my face. To make things worse, one of the girls was wearing a fedora. 
I've never been able to pull off a fedora, my head's too small!
I couldn't bring myself to go in and took my small sized head for an extra lap round the block. Casually like. I did what all Brits do at times like these. I popped into a shop for an Earl Grey tea, decided to stop being a tit and... I went into the event.
Allow me to skip ahead to the morale of this post... Never Be Nervous About An Event That Has Complimentary Rum Punch.
Cocktails available to try from Cocktail Mania
It was a great opportunity to network with fellow bloggers, who fyi, were genuinely lovely. I wasn't subjected to any interview type questions about my blog traffic. Nobody asked me why I wasn't wearing a Fedora.
If you were looking for beauty or food and drink brand collaborations...Bingo! There were a good selection of brands to work your way around and chat to. Ark Age Aware Skincare had a queue of bloggers eager to get their mitts on products for review. I have to admit they did sound heavenly products. I got caught up in the excitement and joined the queue for a little while before facing facts... I am age aware, but I'm not a beauty blogger. I left the little queue and had a rum punch. Which incidentally was delightful.
I did pick up some Pura Vida Living Raw Chia Bread. 'Vegan, vegetarian and raw, made with love and organic buckwheat,' which I'm looking forward to sampling. I'll probably snaffle it off to work as a handy and healthy snack when I'm in a 'sat at my desk all day situation.'
I didn't come away with any collaborations lined up but as this little puppy isn't really a product based blog I didn't want to take anything just for the sake of it.
I really enjoyed the event and I'm so glad I attended. There was nothing to worry about at all. Thanks to The Bloggers Hangout for having me!...and for the goodie bag!
Before heading home, I stopped off at Brewer Street to have a quick gawp at all the lucky London Fashion Week show goers!! It might sound a bit lame but I had loads of fun standing amongst the buzz, checking out people's outlandish outfit choices. Hive five to any girl who is brave enough to wear a mini skirt and a red pom pom on her hat!
That girl wasn't me by the way. I think a pom pom might accentuate my small head. 

As always, thanks so much for reading. Have you been to any bloggers events? Did you need a confidence boosting Earl Grey before you went in?
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  1. You have a very pretty blog and an eye for photography! Loving that post ...me too I was at this event. It was great meeting old and new bloggers and the brands of course :)


    1. Ah that's so nice of you to say. Thank you!! I'll be heading over to your blog for a little nosey :) x x

  2. This Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week Event looked adorable. I bet everyone had a wonderful time in the event. I want to be part of such events. Wondering if there are any events at local event venues as will attend them definitely.

  3. I always like to see fashion show especially in uk

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