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The Best Of Not Your Nine To Five...So Far

Today is the first Monday of the year. As if you needed reminding! It's also, very nearly, Not Your Nine To Five's first birthday! To celebrate I've put together a quick best of 'NYNTF'.

Not Your Nine To Five Blog
Please don't send birthday presents. Cash is fine!

It might only be a small feat, but I'm pretty pleased with myself for keeping the blog going for a year. Ta very much to anyone that's taken the time to read it. 

My aim when I started blogging was to write something and have a stranger, (i.e not just my Mum) say they'd enjoyed reading it. It's important to remind yourself sometimes of the little goals you set for yourself, and realise when you've achieved them. 

I'm terrible at times for comparing my blog to other more successful ones. *at times meaning most of the time*

"Such a body's blog has 30,000 followers AND she's ten years younger than me. Shit!"

Although I might not have gone viral (despite checking on the off chance after every post, you just never know), nor have I been able to phone into the office and tell them to shove it... I have gained a few little followers and most importantly I've loved working on Not Your Nine To Five. 

So, while some posts make me cringe...the one I wrote slightly drunk, which was basically about the industrial sun cream I used on holiday. Don't expect a link to it. I reckon some posts aren't so bad for a beginner. If I do say so myself.

The top five most popular posts:

#5 Five Friends One Luxury Lodge

#4 Agent Provocateur & Why I Once Spent £55 On A Thong

#3 Snag A Man For The Long Haul: The Moustache Theory

#2 From Thong To Brief: The Evolution Of A Relationship

#1 What Nobody Tells You About Being In Your Thirties

In a nutshell, you enjoyed reading about fancy lodges, fancy knickers, getting older and men. Shame on you! ;)

Thanks again for reading. Have a lovely day. DO NOT compare yourself to strangers on the internet!! Unless they're less successful. In those cases, fill your boots. I'm joking, I'm joking! Sort of.

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