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How To Spot When You're Turning Into Your Mother

January has been a nice quiet month. I can confirm that my New Year resolution to eat healthy, fructose free meals is still in place. If you couldn't find me at the supermarket stocking up on healthy produce, then I'll have been peering through my oven door keeping an eye on a batch of healthy flapjacks. I have become a domestic goddess.
Apart from the time I drank a bottle of Prosecco, fell asleep on the sofa until 1:30am, went upstairs only to remember I'd stripped the bedding and forgotten to put it back on. (How annoying is it when that happens?) So, apart from that time, I have become a domestic goddess.
Now before I get any grief, I know Prosecco isn't exactly health drink of the year, but cut a gal some slack. It was a Christmas present and I wouldn't want to be unappreciative of a kind gift would I?? 
Washing up gloves.
Last Monday there was an upset to my domesticated bliss when I was publicly humiliated in Waitrose. I'll spare you the gory details but it mainly involved me, a checkout, a trolley full of shopping, my boyfriends card and an incorrect pin.
I'll say no more. Well actually I will say that I had permission to use his card. I hadn't dashed out after a lovers spat with one aim only... to max out his stolen card on luxury food items!
I was however ready for a lovers spat when I drove back home furious. Until my supermarket shaming, I'd been having a lovely morning. That's when it occurred to me... I really had been having a lovely time...maybe too much of a lovely time...doing a Waitrose big shop. What had I become??
The signs are popping up left right and centre that I have changed. I have reason to believe that I am in fact turning into my Mum!
Here are the tell tale signs...
* I notice and appreciate a 'good drying day.' You know the one, no rain, slight wind, bit of sun.
* Sometimes I'll treat myself and buy a branded pair of washing up gloves. Not the supermarket own brand ones but a 'proper' pair. Good fit and grip with a comfy lining inside.
* I love a store that sells really good napkins.
* When deciding what clothes to wear the ratio of keeping me warm to looks good has slipped to 60/40 in favour of warmth.
* I always take my brolly out with me... just in case.
* If I've been out with friends at night I like them to text so I know they got home safely.
* I don't feel like I'm failing at life if I'm not out on the town every Saturday night.
* I believe a hangover is a waste of a day.
* I talk about things I've watched on the telly more.
* I cry at things I've watched on the telly more. Those poor little over worked donkeys.

No offence to Mothers was meant by this post.
Thanks so much for reading. Enjoy what's left of January and get set for lighter nights and more good drying days very soon!

I'll be coming out of hibernation next month and doing bigger things than the big shop. I'm learning to ski for a start. Why do I have a feeling my public humiliation isn't over? Wish me luck x x
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  1. I love this post so much as I can relate to it so much, although I seem to have bypassed my mum and am turning into my nan! I now carry empty carrier bags so I don't have to buy them in supermarkets! I've been choosing clothes for warmth and comfort since I was about 15 so I've never been stylish hahaha! x

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

    1. Oh I carry empty carrier bags too!!!! That definitely should've gone into the list. Maybe I could do a follow up 'Turning Into Your Gran' post ;)
      So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to comment x x


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