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Christmas 2015: The Outtakes

How was it for you? I hope you've all enjoyed the holidays. I hope mainly, that you can all say,'Yes he's been!'

We took the decorations down at home today, and the 'big clean' commenced. We are now the proud owners of a living room that seems  much bigger.
I know traditionally we're a bit early taking the decorations down, but everything seems so cluttered and untidy the minute you finish singing Auld Lang Syne.(I might or might not have Googled how to spell that. I might or might not have typed it originally as Auld Lans Eyne. Never could sing it correctly, never mind spell it).

So to round off the festive season, and before you get back into a routine where you can remember what day it is, sit back and enjoy the outtakes from my holidays. Written for anyone who scrolled through their Facebook feed on Christmas Day and thought ... 
'F*ck me E V E R Y O N E is having the world's greatest Christmas' and believed it.
Santa It's A Long Story, Christmas Cushion

* My boyfriend and I went for a winter walk on Christmas Eve and stopped at a café for a spot of lunch. We made our choices from the menu. The waitress told us they'd stopped serving food.

* On the hungry walk home we witnessed a woman attempting to throw herself off a bridge. Fear not, there were plenty of people around helping her.
Slightly traumatised, I wondered what circumstances had brought her to that bridge? What would I have said to her, if other people weren't helping already?
Which celebrity would present me with my Pride Of Britain Award? Maybe Eddie Redmayne.
If the universe wanted to put not getting a Tuna Baguette into perspective it did a top job of it.

* On Christmas Day a winter bug hit! In the interest of niceness, lets just say Rudolph wasn't the only one trotting.

* I managed one alcoholic drink all day. That's ONE! See, I told you I was ill. There wasn't much over indulging in the food stakes either. I'm a big believer of letting sleeping dogs lie.

* My boyfriend worked nights on the Big Day, so my sister rescued me from festive loneliness and put me up for the night. Who would've thought my cute as can be niece, the prettiest little thing, grinds her teeth in her sleep. Think two coconut halves scraping together. We shared a room.

* Post Boxing Day, feeling better, I flicked through my new Deliciusuly Ella healthy recipe book, and scoffed half a box of After Eight Mints until the irony and guilt consumed me. I put down the book, not the chocolates.
The healthier me will be under construction the minute I finish my stash of Christmas treats.

Was your Christmas a glittery magical affair or do you have some bloopers of your own??

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Don't forget Not Your Nine To Five is on Twitter here and Instagram here x x

P.S Happy New Year!! x

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