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Life Lately: Living With A Boy

I'm writing this little update from the comfort of my new gaff. Strictly speaking, I'm writing from the comfort of my boyfriend's gaff.

"Mi casa es su casa," he said even though he's not Spanish. I took it as a verbal contract, packed my clobber, and tried to get first dibs on the left hand side of the bed.
Fingers crossed I don't loose my marbles and start drinking brandy, neat, (again) or I'll be on the blower to my Dad faster than you can say "Daaaaad, gizza hand with all this stuff wuddya?"(again)
I had some worries about leaving the sanctity of my own flat which you can read about here.

Fear of squashed cushions and piles of change aside, I decided it's now or never, and feel so much happier for making a decision. I'm a bugger for overthinking and worrying. Who isn't? I felt a weight lift when I made the decision to worry less and live more! Well to definitely try!

Apart from...
*One post IKEA trip bank balance related panic attack
*One bedroom light fitting dispute (ongoing)
*One discovery of significant other, drunk and snoring on the floor at 3am (him, not me)
...Things are working out wonderfully!
If you found your other half drunk and snoring on the carpet, would you, a) wake him and put him to bed or, b) leave him and let him learn the hard way? Do tell ... and ease my conscience.
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Dear Universe, please don't let the happy content of this post tempt fate. I've gone off Brandy. Ta


  1. The dreaded brandy no mixer!! What we're we thinking. Bad times xxx

    1. Haha I know. I get a bit of a hangover just thinking about it xx

  2. As much as I love my boyfriend, I think all hell will break loose when we live together haha!

    Anna x http://www.collectionsofimperfections.com/

    1. Oh gosh prepare yourself haha. I felt very Monica from Friends, "now I have to live with a boy!"
      Really pleased I took the leap though :)
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment x x


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