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Get Your Boobs Out ... Not Just For The Lads

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Women across the nation are being urged to check their breasts and to make sure they attend routine breast screening appointments. No wimping out when it's time to get your wabs out! There's a manifesto title for you right there.

Not sure how to check your own bazookers? Get gemmed up on what you should be looking for with a Coppafeel guide here.
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check Your Breasts.

In honour of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this post is a celebration of boobs. A pledge that all boobs are beautiful, big or small.

The Benefits Of Small Boobs

If boob tubes ever come back into fashion, you can wear one without looking vulgar.

Men talk to your face.

In an apocalypse situation, where all bras have been destroyed, you could quite feasibly get away with wearing a crop top.

If said apocalypse has resulted in a mass panic, with the need to run like hell, you could out-run those bigger boobed gals anytime of the day ... probably.

You will never have boob related back ache.

When you take your bra off at the end of the day, nothing ventures south ... much.

The Benefits Of Big Boobs

You've got big boobs.

Boob tubes will never be back in fashion.


Thanks for reading. Get checking your breasts and spread the word while you're at it! Well not literally while you're at it.

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