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Burnt Apple Muffins: The Tweets That Never Made It To Twitter

As seen on social media: Just busy being a domestic goddess, trying out more sugar free recipes. Bring on week two of my healthy regime. Feeling determined!
Ingredients for baking sugar free apple muffins

Well hello! Hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday. While the man in my life is swanning about Italy watching the Grand Prix, I've thrown myself into the following: sugar free cooking, the gym and visiting family. I'm currently on day four of my 'abandonment', but hey whose counting?  

Here's an honest run down of my weekend, shared with you via the medium of tweets that never made it to Twitter!


Work done for the weekend!! Off for tea at the rents! #fridayfeeling

Home from tea at my Mums earlier than usual, avoiding using their saniflo while bathroom is redone!

Busy keeping one eye on Whatsapp for signs of life from the fella.

Waxed my top lip and off to bed. Night all!


Up early and raring to go! Off shopping for sugar free ingredients #Iquitsugar

Morrisons don't sell chia seeds or big packs of arrowroot! #MorereasonstoshopatWaitrose
Food Shopping at Morrisons
Stocked up on Arrowroot in Waitrose but no bloody chia seeds in stock! 

Isn't life wonderful when you're in Waitrose! Despite the chia seeds let down I must shop there more often...(essential range only obviously)

If Holland & Barrett don't stock chia seeds I'm going home and eating a jam swiss roll whole! 

Whatsapp from my fella AND I have chia seeds! Things are looking up. 

When you think you've got a whatsapp from your fella but stop to read it and it's from your friend 

One entire Saturday morning later ... ready to bake...but I'm too annoyed!!  

Off to see the niece and nephew at my sisters! #familytime

Whatsapp from the fella received! #notdumped 

Feeling all mother earth doing sugar free baking on a Saturday night

When you spend all morning looking for ingredients and then this happens...
Homemade Sugar Free Apple Muffins
Burnt pecans anyone? FFS! 

Sat in bed googling 'why did my apple muffins burn' and a daddy long legs attacks #toooldtocry

Up early and worked out

More family time having Sunday dinner with the folks and my Grandma! 

Currently hiding in my flat from my elderly neighbour's community BBQ #notanOAP

That ladies and gentleman is my weekend up to now! The rest of it will be spent trying out a recipe for bread and then mainly dreading Monday.

Life is never really how it seems on social media is it. But lets face it, who'd want an Instagram feed full of snaps of Morrisons, and badly turned out baking? People are bound to only select the highlights of their lives aren't they. Something to remember the next time you're having a bad day and everyone's 'happy as can be snaps' aren't helping! For every batch of delicious muffins you see, there'll be a tray of burnt ones not too far away. 

If anyone is wondering what I did about the daddy long legs, sadly a struggle ensued and it lost two of it's legs. A genuine accident. They're very delicate as it turns out. Like my apple muffins. 

Is there anything more disappointing that when your baking doesn't go to plan? My not so easy on the eye muffins do taste quite nice, after the distinct crunch of the pecans.  I'll give the recipe another go. I can't let a morning scouring for chia seeds be a wasted one can I! 

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you've all had a great weekend. What would be the one honest tweet from your weekend that never made it on to Twitter? 

Don't forget to come and say hello on Twitter here and Instagram here! x x 

*A daddy long legs was harmed in the making of this post.

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