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Deactivating Facebook: 4 Months Later

Four months ago I quit Facebook. I felt more and more that I was wasting time trawling through my newsfeed, so I went cold turkey and deactivated my account. I turned my back on social media in search of a blissful privacy that seems hard to find in these technology driven days.
What did I do next? Naturally, I announced it on my blog. Just a slight touch of hypocrisy, but that's by the by.
You can read my post on quitting Facebook here for more on why I decided to deactivate.
Desk with Facebook Log In Page open on Ipad

How did the world respond to my departure (when 'world' means my 190 Facebook friends)?

When you deactivate your account you run the risk of people assuming one of the following:

It's a sure sign that a breakdown is imminent. She was one click away from being certified insane.

Speculation is rife that your in a controlling relationship. Access to all male contact has been dramatically and necessarily cut off. She was 'poking' left right and centre.

The sudden departure is seen as attention seeking behaviour. If you decide to deactivate, you can't go back on again a week later. Definitely not if you decide to leave with a dramatic teary eyed parting status:
"It is with deep sadness and regret that you won't be seeing much of me on here from now on. I have made the difficult decision to spend more time on Twitter. Thanks for the memories Mark Suckerberg" ...then upload a Youtube link to Time To Say Goodbye.
Is it just me, or is that starting to seem like shit hot way of closing down your account? Bugger, is it too late to go back on and do that?

Or of course there's the most likely reaction. If you go quietly, people probably won't notice.

After my departure I received a text from only one friend. She was checking to see if I had come off Facebook or if I was phasing her out! I definitely wasn't phasing her out, fortunately! Way to avoid an awkward text!

Life without Facebook...

*I forget people's birthdays, unless I knew you before Facebook and have the date stored firmly in my memory.

*Banter has taken a hit because I miss out on group emails. (God I hate the word Banter)

*I make life that bit more awkward when people are trying to arrange hen dos. I have to be contacted personally in order to receive an invite. If it ain't delivered by a white winged dove then I'm not coming.

*I have no way of spying on what my boyfriend is doing when he's away on a lads trip. Current problem!! Are the girls in Singapore hot?

*I no longer know what profile picture my boyfriends ex-girlfriend has! Is she looking hot?

*I can't vet any group photo's that include me. I don't know what might be on there. Am I looking hot?

*I had no idea that a very very old classmate has had a baby that is the spitting image of Liam Neeson, until a friend showed me. He is actually his double, no word of a lie! Of course he's beautiful, as all babies are etc etc.

*I have forgotten that some people exist now that I'm not reading about them in my newsfeed everyday.

*I've stopped having random dreams about the last person who popped up on my newsfeed before bed.

*I missed out on 'liking' photos of friends sharing exciting parts of their lives. Weddings, new homes and holidays.

On the whole I can't say I've missed having Facebook. I used to check it about ten times everyday, so it's come as a surprise how little I do actually miss it.

To be fair I have replaced it with stalking bloggers on Twitter and Instagram. Having another reason to stare at my Iphone has helped the process. *Note to self: Do not get depressed because your not at London Fashion Week.*
Yes I  know I don't blog about fashion, and yes I know I only have just over 100 Twitter followers. But still, an invite would've been nice, and yes, delivered by a white winged dove. There's always next year!

Maybe I will reactivate my account at some point, although I'd limit my friends list to actual friends. Nobody likes a gal whose forgotten their birthday!!

Are you addicted to checking your Facebook? Could you imagine life without it?

Thanks so much for reading. Don't forget to say Beunos Dias on Twitter here! x x

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