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Music Festivals: What Girls Need To Know

What I posted on social media: Had the most amazing weekend at Kendal Calling! Is it too soon to book a festival for next summer?
What really happened: Hello people. How are you? I'm freshly washed after a weekend in a tent at Kendal Calling music festival. Move over Bear Grylls, you're looking at a girl that pumped up her own air bed (with a pump, but still).

After breathing an almighty sigh of relief and relaxing into the comfort of my sofa, I curled up with a proper cup of tea and had the obligatory Twitter and Instagram stalk of my fellow campers. As you do...
'Wish I was back in the fields' 'Best Kendal Calling yet' 'Thank you KC for the most awesome time.' You get my drift..

What a delightfully splendid weekend everyone had!

Now I had a conversation with a friend about how hard going festivals can be in reality. Every time she goes to one she vows never to return. Then, the very second she gets home decides, no actually it was amazing. I'm going next year!

This is exactly the thought process I go through. As I was crouched in the Eco Loos on Sunday, literally wreching at the thought of the human waste piled dangerously close beneath me, I wondered why the hell I'd paid money for the experience?

Festivals are fashionable aren't they! We're supposed to have the most amazing time, watching the coolest bands and having all the lols with our tassel wearing pals aren't we!

Well there's a side to sharing a field and it's facilities with 10,000 fellow campmates that isn't amazing or awesome. Here are the status updates that you'll never see on social media, but should do.
The tent is up...and we're piss wet through.

Pass me a cider...feeling knackered after carrying my wardrobe and home through a field.

I'm not ignoring you if you can't get hold of me. Battery is dying, not paying £8 to charge it up.

Ditched Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for Femfresh.

Night one done. Couldn't sleep for the cold, making sure I'm more pissed tonight.

Just double dropped Imodium.

Festival outfits are staying in the bag. Current outfit, jeans and jumper, accessorised with emergency poncho!

Drinking to keep up with the boy...feeling dehydrated.

If I see another can of Cider I'll throw it at someone.

Might be the only person in this field who can't be bothered making small talk with the neighbours.

Loving my new rain coat. Good job, I've hardly taken it off. Can fit a loo roll in the pocket. Bonus!

Midnight...  tired and ready for bed.

Another day another Imodium.

Get me out of these wellies and into slippers please.

What I would give for a clean bathroom right now. So grossed out by the portaloos.

Rain One - Me Nill...sacked off the last night and came home early. Bliss!
Surely I'm not the only girl out there that's gone through the same. Have you ever camped at a festival? Did you love it or hate it?

Now I'm sat typing this and I'm getting a very strong urge to go to a festival! Will I ever learn? There's just something that lures you back! It is fun. Well, when you're not channelling your inner Victor Meldrew.
If the sun shines it's heaven, but if it rains you'll be left longing for indoors. That's the gamble you take with British festivals I suppose.

What's that? Did someone just say Benicassim 2016?

On a separate note, I did meet my boyfriend at Kendal Calling two years ago, so there's one for the pro's list. Although I wasn't thinking that earlier, when I narrowed down the fried breakfasts he made me, as the likely cause of more trips to the portaloo than I would've cared for!

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Have a great week. May your bottoms be content on delightfully clean loos x x

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