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Kendal Calling 2015: Photo Diary

Hello there! As a little change from my usual style of post, I thought I'd share a quick photo diary with you from my weekend at Kendal Calling. A change is as good as a rest, plus, after all my festival bashing here and here I owe it to British music festivals.

Aside from the rain, and portaloo related health and safety fears, it was fun fun fun. I really had no option but to accept my fate and embrace the hot mess that I became (about an hour after stepping out of my car).

Kendal Calling 2015
Music Festival Drinks With Friends

The absolute treat that is The Temples

THE tallest guy in possibly the world stood in front of yours truly
Night fall and The Vaccines headlining...
with an amazing end to the set...best I could capture clinging on to my camera in the crowd
Love rummaging through the stalls...welcome the 'finger piano'. No really that's a thing.

An armchair at a festival!!! Yes!! Thank you Jagerhaus
Exploring the weird and wonderful in The Garden of Eden

Literally jumping in Tim Peaks Diner, with Tim Burgess just casually on the decks!
As always thanks so much for reading. Have a great mud free weekend!

For the Great British Bake Off fans amongst you...may your chunks be evenly dispersed!

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