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Five Friends One Luxury Lodge

Well hello there! Last week I experienced the absolute euphoria that is finishing work for the week on a Tuesday! Oh, and I spent two nights in a luxury lodge with four friends. Oh, and it was completely free!

This week I am experiencing the absolute slump that comes when you're back at work after spending two free nights in a luxury lodge with four friends.

A journo pal of mine landed the trip to The Celtic Manor Resort, in Newport Wales, after striking a deal at work. Remember, a friend who invites you for a free luxury break, is a friend for life.

Since my pals and I hit the ripe old age of thirty something, finding weekends when we're all free to meet up can be next to impossible. You'll be shocked to hear that when the invite for this bobby dazzler of a break reared its head, our diaries miraculously emptied.

Say hello to our humble abode
Hunter Lodge Celtic Manor Resort Wales
Dining Room at Hunter Lodge Celtic Manor Resort
Private Sauna At Celtic Manor Resort
White Bathrobes in the Hunter Lodges Celtic Manor
View of the golf course from hunter lodge celtic manor Outdoor Hot Tub
View of the golf course at Celtic Manor Resort Wales

What do you think? Aside from the gorgeous interior, private sauna and jacuzzi, double ensuite bedroom with fluffy white bathrobes and Elemis toiletries, it's ghastly isn't it? Don't even get me started on the panoramic view of the golf course.

Now I have been known to be a little bit of a negative Nancy from time to time, but this place left nothing for even me to grumble about. The rainy weather wasn't even a problem. It just made the lodge all the more cosy. Sitting in the comfort of your private jacuzzi, watching the mist roll in, sipping Prosecco is exactly how I want to spend my afternoons. I firmly believe that I was in fact born to do this. I know money doesn't buy happiness, but, I was pretty damn happy strolling about Hunter Lodge No.1, Plucky Pheasant, with my pals.

If the accommodation itself wasn't enough we were greeted with a fully stocked fridge of afternoon tea and refreshments. I'm talking 'proper' refreshments too... "Here's a little something we prepared earlier..."
Afternoon Tea Cakes
If only I could have my fridge at home stocked miraculously like this. A half used jar of pesto, bit of cheese and packet of sliced ham, just doesn't cut the mustard now that I've stayed in a Hunter Lodge.

For any greedies in the group (that'll be all of us) a complimentary takeaway of our choice was delivered to the lodge for our first night's evening meal.
Well we could hardly be expected to go out and collect it could we! Lifting tiny cakes in an afternoon really takes it out of you! 
Allow me to introduce the genius of all genius ... the option of a healthy takeaway. Something that's yet to hit Lancashire. I went for grilled chicken with ginger and lemon, served with asparagus, a super food salad and pitta bread! That's what I call a takeaway. A treat without feeling your cholesterol rise as you chew. "Now listen Giacomo, you can stick your stuffed crust...."

Healthy takeaways are the future!

WARNING: Although you may have a private sauna, please use it with caution. Preferably not after an afternoon/evening supping prosecco, chomping on tiny sandwiches and takeaway. Hotter than the sun and delirious is not a good look.

Meanwhile, after a luxury nights sleep (over heated though I was) and an evening of over indulgence, what better way to start the day than with an indulgent breakfast! Can I get a Hell Yeah?! Let me just throw in here that the fridge was fully stocked with a Continental Breakfast for us each morning!
Thursday morning had us heading out for 'Activities.' Now I know what you're thinking. Crikey your doing too much, don't over do things! Well worry not, the resorts shuttle bus tootled along to take us to our activity destination to avoid major fatigue.
We spent the morning trying our hand at laser clays, and archery. As you do! It was so much fun to try something that I never usually would. It's unfortunate that I write this blog anonymously or I could've shared my ridiculous laser clays face with you! Think crooked neck and squinty eye!
Laser Clays
Archery at Celtic Manor Resort Wales
So what does one do next after a morning's activites? A spot of lunch in the resorts Merlin's Bar. You had me at tiny millionaire shortbread and tea!
I had a quick three hour dip in the private jacuzzi, before the shuttle bus came to ferry us for our evening meal and final destination! A slap up meal was a perfect end to the trip. Well let's face it, we'd hardly eaten a morsel the whole time.

I can't believe how lucky I've been to experience this trip. The treatment was faultless. Well actually, okay I had one complaint. No tea bags in the lodge. A pal had to phone the concierge, who swiftly brought some along! I know, I know, disgusting!!

For the rap fans amongst you (as many as I'm sure there are) I have it on good authority that Snoop Dogg has stayed in one of the lodges. Just a bit of subtle gangsta rap name dropping for you there. 

Thanks so much for reading. Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter here and Instagram here.

I've got a day at a desk ahead of me tomorrow. Why oh why can't I be doing a spot of archery with my pals again?! What will I do when mid afternoon creeps round and I want to be sat in bubbles while drinking bubbles, but I can't? The world can be a cruel cruel place x x

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