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What Really Happens On A Romantic Night Away

What I posted on social media: Feeling loved up after a city break with the man in my life!
What really happened: Hello Hello! Another weekend has rolled around quickly hasn't it. Hallelujah! This time last week I was packing for a little City Break with my significant other.
When I say City Break, I mean one night in Leeds. Does that count as a getaway? I'm not talking travellers cheques and customs, but more slinging a few things into an overnight bag and driving an hour up the road.

Sod it, for dramatic effect I was definitely prepping for a City Break this time last week.
(I'll chuck a hashtag 'travel' in the mix somewhere when I'm shamelessly self promoting this post. Probably have to leave the plane emoji alone though. Such problems).

Well myself and my other half checked into the Crowne Plaza, Leeds, for a romantic night away.

They say you shouldn't wish your time away, but when you sit at a desk five days a week, the weekend is your salvation isn't it. Maybe it was over excitement that the weekend had landed, or maybe I'd tempted fate by shouting from the rooftops that I was celebrating two delightful years with a wonderful man.
Whatever it was, I  managed to fall out with my fella before we'd even got in the car.

It was during that initial sulk, in the stony silence of the car journey, that inspiration for this post struck.

The five stages of a romantic night away!...(that don't usually get much coverage). A brilliant idea I thought, while the silence continued.

STAGE 1 You Fall Out: The inevitable row. Not resigned for romantic trips only, but can be found at all other holidays, Christmas, Birthdays, you name it. We never fall out usually, but irony saw an opportunity and thought PERFECT!

Try to imagine that you've packed your bag and spruced yourself up. You're waiting for your Prince Charming whose due to pick you up at 11am. Imagine next that the pick up time comes and goes. You sit by your case. A text message arrives saying that your beloved is running late. Now feel the red mist descend when you read that he's picked up his new bike, gone to show his Dad, and is waiting for him to come back from road testing it.

Nothing says romance like being kept waiting.

STAGE 2 The Silent Treatment: Typically a direct result of stage 1. The upset caused by a fall out when you should be all jokes and laughter can lead to the mother of all moods.
After a little of the silent journey had passed, I decided that I would break my silence, if and only if he spoke first. The silence continued.
Now you might find this far fetched, but it was actually Bette Midler who saved our relationship in the end. When Wind Beneath My Wings came on the radio I caved and forgave everything. Who could stay mad listening to that song?

STAGE 3 The Lesser Found Room Upgrade: We had stayed at the Crowne Plaza, Manchester, a couple of times before and received a room upgrade!!! Twice!!! The upgrade gave us access to the Club Lounge, which included complimentary drinks between the hours of 6pm and 9pm and nibbles. I'm talking complimentary alcoholic drinks people!
On the off chance we'd get another upgrade we booked our evening meal at 9:30pm. You know, just in case. We smiled sweetly as we checked in. You probably know where I'm going with this one don't you? Our standard room was delightful.

STAGE 4 A Waitress Shows You Up: Is there anything in the world nicer than fresh, warm, home made bread? Dolled up to the nines, in the gorgeous Crafthouse restaurant in Leeds City Centre, I nibbled delicately on the fresh bread served, while I perused the menu.
Our earlier row was a thing of the past and the night was back on track...until a well meaning waitress, I'm sure, could've phrased her words differently.
"Every time I come over you have your mouth full!" Her exact words. They've been engrained in me. Thanks for that,  I'm trying to exude elegance here pal.  How to kill the romance, and yes it was the waitress who killed the romance. Not me devouring bread. Yes definitely not me. No way Jose.

...but seriously warm bread mmmmmm!

STAGE 5 Someone Drinks Too Much: Several cocktails and a bottle of red later, it was time to slip into something more comfortable. Until one of us was out like a light. I won't name names. but let's just say it wasn't me. After helping my chap work out how to take his shoes off (fyi loosen the laces first) and convince him that he shouldn't sleep on top of the duvet, he fell into a red wine induced coma. Shortly followed by me. To be honest I was pretty full from the bread.

Five stages aside, we had a good night! Honest! We came home well fed and watered, with the obligatory bag of hotel tea and coffee sachets. You never know when they might come in.

Can you relate to any of these stages? Please tell me it's not just us!

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Thanks so much for reading. Have a great weekend x x


  1. This is a nice different post to some of the posts I've seen in other people's blogs!
    Very nicely written!
    Bit rude of that waitress to say that!

    Claire xxx

    1. I know! I don't think she meant it to come out how it did, but still!!
      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment :)
      Have a lovely day/what's rest of it x x


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