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Trying To Land That Dream Job? Rejection Can Take Many Forms!

What I posted; Feeling positive! Job application nailed!
What really happened: I read an article recently about women who make big life changes when they hit their early thirties. Career choice being in the firing line. By thirty, we tend to have more confidence and be more assured about who we really are and how we want to spend our time. Something about reaching this age makes you think 'Sod it. It's now or never.'

I stand firmly in this camp. Life is too short to spend five days a week doing something that you don't enjoy or in my case if I'm completely honest, that doesn't interest me at all. People who enjoy their job are more successful at it and happier. The hunt to find a job I enjoy is on.

Applying for jobs at the best of time can be frustrating and disheartening, but applying for a job in a completely new field is a whole new ball game. In today's job market for any one job vacancy you fancy, you can guarantee hundreds of others will be going for it too. Prepare yourself job seekers for rejection.

It's been a while since I've been looking for a new job but I haven't forgotten the harsh reality of what it can be like.

You've found THE job. You've read the job specification until you practically know it off by heart. You've spent hours labouring over your application, painstakingly making sure you've shown how you match every requirement. You submit your form and then...wait.
You toy with the idea that your application is so damn good they might just ring you before the closing date and offer you the job there and then. This one could be in the bag!

Then the rejection comes, in it's many forms.

- The 'Thanks But No Thanks' standard email: It has your name at the top and that's the only personal thing about it. You've received the rejection template, how delightful.

- The no reply at all: Your application has entered the job seekers abyss. It didn't even make it onto the rejection template mailing list.

- The personalised rejection email: I once received an email explaining that 'unfortunately after careful consideration I had been unsuccessful and the two vacancies had now been filled.'
TWO VACANCIES? I'd only thought there was one. In the length of time it took me to read the email my rejection level had doubled.

- The position has been filled internally: Which always makes me suspicious. How can you compete with someone who already works for the company? Thanks for allowing me to use half a days precious leave so that you've been able to interview a 'fair' amount of candidates.

- The position has now closed: Before you've even had chance to submit your application a gazillion others have beat you to it.

- We are delighted to offer you the position: but you meanwhile after attending the interview have decided it's not the right role for you. I was once offered the role of medical receptionist at a Doctors surgery, but after sitting amongst the coughers and sneezers in the waiting room, and been shown where the medical dictionary was kept, I decided it wasn't the role for me. My new interview shoes had also made the back of my ankles bleed which I took as an omen.

When you're faced with rejection, don't take no for answer! Now I don't mean turn up at the office anyway and try to log on to a computer. A conviction for trespassing won't do you any favours in your quest to land your dream role.
But do keep going in your search. Every application you submit and every interview you attend will be that bit better than your last.

When you find yourself feeling disheartened take a short break from the hunt. Do something fun that'll lift your spirits until you're raring to go again. Be sure to do this before all jobs start to seem appealing.

WANTED: Personal toe nail clipper for psychopathic pervert. Must be independently motivated as the successful candidate will be required to work alone in clients own home. Flexible hours. Must have own transport as home is remote. Clippers provided.

Oh flexi time!!! I might go for that one.

One of my closest friends works as a successful journalist, but he didn't get there overnight. He was once faced with the harsh reality that he didn't cut the mustard in the fast food world and was turned down for a weekend job at KFC. (are you reaching for your hanky at this heart wrenching tale of struggle and woe?)

Yes he was only about 15 but it was a cutting blow nonetheless. His chip serving abilities were surplus to requirement.

My point is that we all get a 'thanks but no thanks' at some point in our working lives. Despite my friends high ranking rejection by the Colonel, he's found the path that's right for him today and his career is soaring. You'll never catch him tucking into southern fried chicken though.

Remember Marilyn Monroe was told by modelling agents that she should give some consideration to becoming a secretary.

Believe in yourself and you're half way there. Wish me luck in my search!!
Have you ever been told you'd never make it but gone for it anyway? I'd love to hear your success stories!

Thanks so much for reading xx

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