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A Week In Paphos Part Two: My Adonis Flexed His Pecks For A Mint Choc Chip

What I posted: Sightseeing mode! Time to take in some local culture!
What really happened: People say you should tip your waiter at the start of your all-inclusive holiday and he'll spend the rest of your stay falling over himself to make sure you have everything you need.
On day one we tipped the waiter. We never saw him again.

After a couple of days relaxing and wondering if our waiter was OK we left the poolside to take in some sites. We decided we'd hire a buggy for the day. We paid 75 euros, and the keys were handed over.

The map showed The Baths Of Aphrodite. Sounded nice, so we headed there. The drive was hair raising, literally. With no windscreen my pixie cut did not look good. If you've ever watched Home Alone I looked like Buzz.

Hair faux pas aside, the coastal views as we drove were beautiful. Not even the wind nor the occasional bug flying into my face could spoil it. I gazed at the sea while my boyfriend navigated and tackled the dodgy gearbox.
The Baths of Aphrodite are a World Heritage site where, according to legend, the Goddess Aphrodite bathed in the enchanted pool and met her lover Adonis. Now I'll be completely honest with you, we didn't know there was an enchanted pool at the time. We arrived, saw the entrance to what we assumed was botanical gardens, and thought nah. We trotted off instead to a beauty of a secluded beach which we assumed must be where Aphrodite had bathed. Not exactly explorers of the year but hey who cares, I can think of worse places to spend an afternoon.

Now Aphrodite met her Adonis in this neck of the woods, I think it must be something in the water. Waiting at an ice cream van on a hot day can really bring out your true colours. 
"Whose next?" asked the vendor clearly on my turn, when a lady charged in front of me ready to roll with her order. While I was accepting my disgruntled fate, at lightning speed a voice from over my shoulder cried out "TWO MINT CHOC CHIPS PLEASE" and in those five words my boyfriend displayed his Adonis like qualities and averted a cornet crisis. It's a nice feeling when someone has your back.

On the drive back we stopped at a beach cafe in Potima Bay called Sea You. We drove past the car park initially and had to carry out a badly timed turn in the road. The gears locked and for what felt like an eternity we sat in the middle of the road.
*Note to other drivers in Potima Bay, beeping your horn won't make us move any quicker.  

It was worth the humiliation, look at this place. 
Next day, an early start for a Deep Sea Fishing trip leaving Paphos harbour at 10 am. After boasting the night before about my National School Sailing Award (don't ask me why) a £20 wager was set for whoever caught the biggest fish.


If, like me, you learned to sail in a reservoir, allow me to reliably inform you sailing at sea is a lot different. Choppy is not the word. Here's how the trip unfolded. 
The lady next to me was sick (overboard, there was no toilet). She started crying. A young boy was sick next, he started crying too. He was followed shortly after by his mother. 

It turned out to be a very surreal yet fun morning (fun for me that is, not casualties number one, two and three). I was having my first ever go at deep sea fishing, at risk of loosing £20, while strangers sobbed around me.
Who won the bet? My sailing award meant nothing and I caught nothing. My boyfriend won with this whopper. In my defence my chances of winning were scuppered when the trip was cut short due to illness. That's my defence and I'm sticking to it. 

I'd like to point out those aren't my boyfriends hands. He's no silver fox. The captain had to unhook any catches for health and safety, and lets face it, this beast could cause some serious damage.

It might sound like it was hell on board, but I would genuinely recommend you try it for the experience, it really was a good laugh. Unless of course you suffer from motion sickness and then in that case, yes it really is hell. Our time at sea was done. Get well soon casualty number one.

Join me in my final Paphos post later this week, for a thief in the skies on my flight home.

Thanks so much for reading x x

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