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A Week In Paphos Part Three: Kate Moss Wasn't The Only One Causing A Disturbance On Easyjet

What I posted: Last day in Cyprus *sob* but then Home Sweet Home!

What really happened: As the week drew to a close I pulled out my final poolside read of the week, 'This Book Will Make You Happy'by Dr Jessamy Hibberd and Jo Usmar. A pretty big claim I thought, but hey I'll give it a whirl. Plus what better time to try it than at the end of a holiday when thoughts of the dreaded return to work start to creep in.

The irony of having to bin this book the next day, when we needed to get the weight of our baggage down. Yes we were THAT couple, suitcase open, smalls on show, sifting through our belongings wondering how many t.shirts someone could feasibly wear for the flight home. The book which should have been called 'This Book Will Make Your Bag Weigh More' had to go.

The King Evelthon Beach Hotel and Resort had made a lovely home for the week. If you missed Part One there's more on the hotel here. The all-inclusive food was fine but not quite 5 star quality. Breakfast was my favourite meal of the day. Fresh fruit and a freshly cooked omelette, made to order, with filling of your choice soon became our staple start to the day.

The food for the rest of the day wasn't horrendous by any stretch of the imagination but when you've strutted from your room in your evening meal attire (holiday frock and some sort of over the top beaded necklace that you'd never dream of wearing at home) dolled up to the nines, there's a limit to how seductive you can be shovelling green jelly through your Chanel painted lips. Somewhere in the world Karl Lagerfeld had a cold shiver down his spine.
It did actually taste better than it looked.

We took a short taxi ride into Paphos Harbour for a couple of evening meals, including our last supper. There's a good choice of restaurants overlooking the harbour. Dining while watching the moon's reflection in the harbour water gets a tick from me.
A trip to Cyprus wouldn't be complete without sharing a traditional Meze and we found a delicious one at the Gourmet Taverna by the harbour.

On a separate note, I'd been distracted earlier that evening while I was getting ready, by a girl who wouldn't stop giggling in the pool with her man. She giggled so much that I got to wondering if I giggled enough.
I'm not the type of girl that sits quietly, giggling on cue, and I wondered if maybe I should? During our Meze, the perfect opportunity to try it when he pulled out his 'hilarious' king prawn finger puppet.
I giggled. It didn't really suit me. Besides there are some things you don't want to encourage. 

Next day we took a final walk along the beautiful coast and breathed in the sea air.

While we walked we listed what we'd missed from home.

- Tassimo drinks machine
- 'Proper' cup of English tea
- Being able to leave the house without smearing yourself in Factor 50 (my personal one)

I suspected it wasn't enough to keep the holiday blues at bay.

After our last all-inclusive lethal measure G&T and a spot of gift shopping at the airport, we said a fond farewell to Paphos. For what wouldn't be the only time that week, there was a 'disturbance' when we left our EasyJet flight. Someone had accidentally taken our bag of duty free gifts from the overhead locker! The culprit had mistakenly taken our bag and left their own.
The air hostess recommended (yes we thought it was a big enough matter to alert staff) that we take their bag and find them at baggage collection to swap back.

Now we got to baggage collection and there was no sign of our suspect. We found ourselves presented with two options and a test of character.
Option One: Hand the bag in, it's not ours and we didn't pay for it.
Option Two: Take the bag, someone has taken ours. Try explaining to our families that we did buy them gifts but a thief in the sky had away with them.

What would you do?? It felt quite heavy. We had a quick peek but it felt wrong rummaging through properly. We decided we would take the bag and go to confession later in the week.

We hatched a cunning plan. Carry the bag casually, just as we would carry it had we paid it. Paranoia swept over me. We got our correctly weighted suitcase and left, expecting someone to shout "THIEF" at any moment.
We would look inside properly once we'd made it out of the airport. I hoped it would be something from Clarins, or maybe Coco Mademoiselle perfume. I'd spied some mini Toblerone but there was something heavy in there too. The excitement was building.

We made it to the safety of our car (now our get away car), we looked inside.
Our loot was:
A bag of mini Toblerone
Punnet of cherries - two of
Punnet of grapes - one of
Davidoff Adventure aftershave.

If I go down for this I'll be f**cking livid.

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you're all having a great weekend.

Keep your shopping close. x x

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  1. Not the cherries!!! What a strange bag of loot to bring home...!


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