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A Week In Paphos Part One: Nobody Wants To Pee Behind A Glass Door

What I posted: Refreshed and tanned after a week in sunny Paphos. 

What really happened: Firstly let me apologise for splitting this holiday post into three parts but there's quite a bit I want to share with you. It's basically turned out to be a Trilogy. I know, I know when you see someone upload a holiday album labelled 'Part One' you automatically roll your eyes thinking Christ how many other parts do I have to endure?! Just show us the basics, lets see your hotel and what you look like in your bikini! Nobody needs to see "me by the balcony, him by the balcony, the two of us by the balcony" you get my drift.
Stick with me people, there'll be none of that I promise.

I arrived home in the early hours of this morning after a week away in Paphos, Cyprus. I stayed with my boyfriend in an All-Inclusive 5 Star hotel, The King Evelthon Beach Hotel and Resort in Paphos Town.

"OK with the middle seat?" those fateful words uttered by my boyfriend when we boarded the flight. If only I'd said no. Think twice before you instinctively offer the passenger next to you a napkin on spilling their drink. You just never know what you might be getting yourself into.
In my case 'Elena' chatted for four and half hours, showed me family photos, was involved in some sort of pyramid selling, gave me her card and told me to send her an email. I haven't emailed.
To add insult to injury I'd just discovered the most amazing book, The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson, an absolute page turner. I buried my nose in my book but Elena didn't mind, she chatted anyway. At baggage my boyfriend said I'd nobody to blame but myself, a napkin fair enough but offering her a mid flight Mento was a red rag to a bull. He's probably right.

I said my goodbyes to Elena and headed to our hotel. The King Evelthon Hotel was beautiful, situated on the beach front, with stylish interiors and panoramic sea views. The staff were friendly and attentive without being overbearing. We stayed in a sea view room with a balcony. The bed was so comfortable and the room had lovely little extras like bathrobes and slippers.
The wardrobe boasted proper coat hangers, not the ones you sometimes find in hotels that can't actually be taken out of the wardrobe. Oh yes, this was top notch luxury. We were treated as travellers so affluent that we posed no threat of coat hanger theft whatsoever.

My only criticism of our room was the bathroom door. A clear glass door! Nothing kills the romance like seeing your loved one crouching over! Or the thud when you walk into it after a few poolside Cosmopolitans. That aside, this was our home for the week...

We spent the first two days lounging by the pool, settling in and reading, making the most of the All-Inclusive drinks served to you while your sprawled on your sun lounger. It really was heavenly, just to have time to unwind and tan gloriously. Or in my fair skinned case, really let those freckles come out. I missed a patch with the sun cream on my first day and was left with a delightful red patch on my leg. It wasn't the look I'd hoped for but you've just got to work with what you've got.
Join me in Part Two for the Baths of Aphrodite and a Deep Sea Fishing trip that had to be cut short.

Thanks so much for reading x x

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