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20 Thoughts You Have At Music Festivals

What I posted: Glastonbury envy mode! Major FOMO, sooo wish I was going!
What really happened: I've only ever been to Glastonbury once. The mother of all festivals. It was unforgettable, and not just because my friend fell asleep at the wheel of her car on the drive home, while I sat in the passenger seat throwing up in whatever I could find in the glove box. (A dogs poop bag in case you're wondering). It was a low point for both of us.

Festivals bring you the best moments of your summer and the worst.

Picture the scene, you've nailed your festival look and you're feeling fresh as a daisy. There's a brilliant line up ahead of you and you're sat in the sun with your close friends, about to dip into your mountainous supply of alcohol. Here are the 20 thoughts that go through my head as the weekend unfolds.

1. This could possibly be THE best way to spend a weekend ever.

2. There's hot pants love and then there's denim knickers.

3. That girl's not got a scrap of cellulite on her legs. She wouldn't know a meat and potato pie if it slapped her in the face.

4. Two songs in, I'm actually a bit bored of this band. Does anyone else look bored? Nope. I'll just pretend I'm listening.

5. There's literally thousands of people in this field, why does the person stood in front of me have to be the one who decides to put his girlfriend on his shoulders?!

6. I really hope I can go for the whole weekend without needing to poo.

7. Shots are definitely a good idea.

8. What a stupid place to put a guide rope (when you go flying over it)

9. I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing the onset of hypothermia. (when you're going to sleep at night).

10. It's hotter than the sun in here, I can't breathe. (when you wake up in the morning)

11. I hope I don't see anyone I know right now (when your brushing your teeth and spitting out into a trough)

12. Oh my god I can hear someone pissing right next to my tent (when someone's pissing right next to your tent).

13. This wet wipe wash is the most disgusting thing I've ever done. I would kill for a hot bath.

14. Where the hell was I when the 'wonderband' played this 'secret' set? How did I miss that??? Typical! (when you overhear literally EVERYONE talking about how amazing it was)

15. How long has this trail of toilet roll been stuck to my wellington??

16. I miss my mattress. And carpet, I miss carpet too.

17. Brilliant my lipstick is still on (when your peering into the tiny mirror on the back of your portaloo door).

18. If I drink another alcoholic drink I might actually die.

19. I NEED green vegetables.

20. ...and the minute you arrive home... That was the most amazing weekend of my life. I'm totally booking for next year.

I have a love hate relationship with festivals, but I always go back for more. Well it wouldn't be a proper summer if I didn't do at least one. This year it's Kendal Calling!

Which festivals are on your must visit list? I'd love to hear your recommendations.

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Thanks so much for reading, hope you've had a fun weekend. x x


  1. Loved this, so many are so true! Made smile. :)


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment!!...and I do love a compliment ;) Glad you enjoyed it x


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