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Should I Move In With My Boyfriend?

What I posted: His & Hers bath robes at the ready...Chuffed to be moving in with my man!!

What really happened: Hold your horses on the New Home card people, I'm not moving just yet. I mentioned in an older post that my other half is currently renovating his first home (how very hands on) so he's not even living in it himself yet. The topics been broached though that it'd be nice if I lived with him there one day. Now before you label me a bunny boiler this was his suggestion. How sweet hey, and exciting. I'll never have to hoover up a spider again.

So after the initial excitement came the FEAR. I currently live alone in a blissful haven of whites and creams, were pale pink cushions stay perfectly plumped, worktops and sideboards are loose change free zones. My toilet seat is always down, and my kitchen towels can always be found folded and hung over the oven door and the inside of my Marigolds are always dry.

If I was to take the plunge and leave my testosterone free dwelling and move into his pad, how would I enjoy back to back episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without feeling judged?

How would I keep him convinced that I'm a natural beauty, when it'll only be a matter of time until he catches me waxing my top lip or wearing my retainer to bed?
I had braces years ago and was told I'd need to wear a retainer at night occasionally for evermore if I want teeth like Simon Cowell's.

Will he be repulsed if I stare at my pores in the mirror (my boyfriend not Simon Cowell), or shocked at how much of my evening I like to spend soaking in the bath?
If he comes home unexpectedly and I'm halfway through my Meditation Level 3 CD will he become concerned for my well being? I know for a fact he'll take the piss when I'm meeting my spirit guide, and that'll be that ruined.

Things will change when we move in together. How scary that something going so well might not work out one day. We never really row (touch wood) but I can see me reaching breaking point after a prolonged period of time if he continues to mess with my marigolds, and that's not an innuendo. Whenever he washes up at mine, he gets the insides wet. How? Why? These are questions I've asked repeatedly.

I could at this point go on to share how he never squeezes the dish cloths out so they smell fusty all the time, but I won't. It's the kind of thing that we find a bit funny now, but ten years down the line I could very well be sat face to face with my probation officer, giving a somewhat uncomfortable explanation as to how I ended up trying to strangle a man with a J Cloth. No doubt one that stinks.

I was talking to a counsellor about it. Not my counsellor, but someone I know who happens to be a counsellor. A tip for you there, befriend a counsellor and enjoy the odd casual free session, "So how've you been? You're looking well. Should I move in with my boyfriend?"

She said when your making big life decisions you have to ask yourself if you have the right ingredients. Love, Trust and Happiness. If those three ingredients are there then the rest will fall into place.

I thought that was a lovely way of looking at it. A way that I will remember and try to adopt whenever I'm over thinking things, and fearing the worst.

He said the other day he's thinking about putting a dart board up!! Crikey!! I'm fairly sure they don't come in white!!! *Repeat to myself LOVE TRUST HAPPINESS. LOVE TRUST HAPPINESS*

Moving in is a big step isn't it. Do you live with your partner? Is it a dream or a bloody nightmare? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

We fly tomorrow afternoon for our first proper holiday together, so the offer of moving in might be off the table after a full week with me anyway!!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend however you spend it. Thanks so much for reading x x

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