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Quitting Facebook

I quit Facebook two weeks ago. I've been threatening to for ages and have finally done it.
I've never really shared too much on Facebook apart from the odd sickly holiday snaps with my boyfriend "look everyone see us here having cocktails with our sunglasses on" etc etc.

I'd definitely be on there everyday though, scrolling through my news feed wondering more and more why I was reading the statuses of 'friends' I haven't clapped eyes on since high school. 'Friends' who come to think of it I didn't even speak to at school and if we were in the same room today probably wouldn't even say hello to each other. Not because there's any issue, but just because we don't in reality actually know each other.

I finally took the plunge and logged out when a girl I used to work with posted a picture of her sick child with a caption along the lines of "Not well at all, didn't even want any sweets." The poor thing was curled up under a blanket looking like hell and NOT in the mood for photographs. Fancy running for the camera before the Calpol!
I'm not criticising her skills as a mother, I'm sure she does a brilliant job but I was shocked to see the photo. Can you imagine if you were ill and someone tried to share a photo of you on social media?? I'd be livid as I dished out a swift whack across the chops with a hot water bottle.

After ANOTHER grumble to my boyfriend about Facebook, we both decided we'd quit and see who could resist the urge to log back on. I didn't delete my profile, I didn't want to make a grand exit 'Yes dahhhlings I'm like so totally over Facebook' and then be back on it a week later 'liking' like there's no tomorrow.

So how have my two Facebook free weeks been?
Day one and two, no problem. On day three I had a fleeting urge to check my newsfeed. I resisted. I was sailing through life Facebook free and without a care. Without warning, nine days later, I lapsed. I logged in early doors and checked my newsfeed.
My boyfriend doesn't know this, I've kept it to myself. If he reads this then... "Look I can explain everything. It was a one time thing, it meant nothing."

A friend of a friend was getting married at the time of my lapse and I wanted a sneaky peak at her dress. Nobody had shared any photos anyway! What a waste of a lapse.
If I'm completely honest, I had a second reason too. My boyfriend had been out with friends the night before and I wanted to see if there were any photos of him drinking tequila shots in a room of naked supermodels! There were no photos of that either. I logged back out disappointed with myself.

I haven't been on since. Facebook isn't all bad I know, it's good for sharing parts of your life and connecting with people. It's an easy way to keep in touch isn't it. 
Despite this, I can't help disliking Facebook. It can make you lazy as a friend. Just log on for a catch up instead of picking up the phone or actually seeing each other in the flesh.
It's slow paced compared to Twitter or Instagram for example. I'd sooner be trying to get Dame Edna Everage to retweet me than be reading if the child of someone I haven't seen for 15 years slept through last night or not.

What do you think? Are you for or against Facebook?

P.S Dame Edna favourited my tweet in the end. Result!!

Come and find me @NotYour9To5 and join my massive Twitter following of ahem 33. Don't judge me I've only just joined.

Thanks so much for reading, hope you're all set for a good week ahead. xxx


  1. I quit too. For some of the same reasons you did, but also because it really just made me feel like absolute crap. As a full time working mum, I just found it to be a constant reminder of the fun my stay at home friends were having without me as well as missed time with my son. It was all just 'look at me, look at me!'. I re-joined after about 6 months & try to keep my time at a minimum.

    1. I'll have to see how long I manage to stay off for.
      You do get a lot of 'look at me' don't you and most of the time it's not an accurate reflection of people's lives. I'd read 'happy couple' updates and know for a fact they've been arguing for weeks in reality.
      I can't say I miss it (despite my one blip)

      Thanks for your comment x x


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