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Motivation To Exercise...For The 'Normal' Girl

What I posted: Loved starting the day with a healthy breakfast and a cheeky run. 10k nailed! 
What really happened: I was up bright and unusually early for a Saturday morning yesterday. I was running round the park like a fitness fanatic, in the rain I might add. It wasn't a cry for help. I'm in the process of shaping up for my summer holiday.

I didn't quite do 10k, but by the time I go on holiday in three weeks, if I add up the total distance covered in all of my pre-bikini runs it would total 10k. Probably.

Now I am aware that if you promote shaping up for summer these days you run the risk of being lynched for 'body shaming.' So let me add a little disclaimer on the off chance that this post causes any offence. I've decided to up my exercise and be mindful of my diet because I feel healthier and happier when I exercise regularly. Whatever shape or size you feel happy at is the one you should aim for right??

In a superfood obsessed, smoothie mad world how does the girl who wants more than a liquid diet get in shape? I have to confess I've toyed with the idea of getting a smoothie maker myself but decided against it. Would I really spend time in a morning chopping pineapple, kiwi's, avocado, spinach to mix with coconut oil and water?? No.
Between you and me, if I started my days off with highly nutritional smoothies, I'd be plagued by flatulence before you could say "Is it time for elevenses?" Your not telling me blended spinach and kale for breakfast isn't going to have an aromatic side effect! Surely!

Anyway, I'm working on toning up my legs and stomach, so I won't be caught skulking from palm tree to palm tree when I'm bikini clad at the end of the month. Cue the opening theme tune to The Pink Panther! This people is why I was running in the rain at 9am yesterday morning.

The best way for be to get in shape, with the risk of pointing out the obvious, has never been a strict diet but rather mindful eating and plenty of exercise. Now that Mr Motivator is off our screens, here's how I motivate myself to get moving.

Set Myself A Realistic Goal:
What do I want to get in shape for? I have a friends wedding and a holiday the week after looming, so a couple of months ago I decided I would aim to be in shape by the end of May. Give yourself a realistic and healthy time frame.

Have Something Nice To Wear While I Workout:
Who doesn't love a new outfit? It's worth investing in some practical and comfy clothes. I love the range of sportswear at ASOS.

Don't Go It Alone:
Make plans to work out with friends. That way I can't get out of it without letting a pal down. Plus you I look forward to spending a bit of time catching up. Let his/her gossip drown out my grunts and gasps for breath as I pretend I'm in better shape than I really am.

Invest In A Workout DVD:
I bought Davina McCall's 7 minute fit DVD and love it. It does what it says on the tin basically and has a selection of workouts to target different areas that last for, you guessed it, 7 minutes each. 
Perfect for if I'm short of time after work and struggling to fit a trip to the gym in. It's far easier to convince myself to get started if it's only potentially for 7 minutes. I probably spend longer than 7 minutes wondering if I should or shouldn't bother.
The sections are short but really effective. What's not to like?

Vary My Exercise:
Keep it varied to ease the boredom. I like to switch between gym trips, road running, squash, fitness DVDs and the occasional yoga class.

Be Mindful Of My Diet:
No sh*t Sherlock! I never do a strict diet but I try to be mindful and make small healthy changes that I'll be able to keep up. I drink lots of water to keep hydrated and swap cups of regular tea for green tea. Be mindful when you shop, if you don't have unhealthy snacks in, you can't be tempted to eat them! Try going for wholemeal options when you choose your bread, pasta, and rice. Swap regular crisps for multigrain light bites. There's often a healthier alternative. You don't have to go without.

Use My Lunch Break To My Advantage:
I make my own lunch and make it a healthy one, instead of buying something at work. If I make up a salad in the morning I have no choice come lunch time (I hate throwing food away) - healthy option it is. 

Read Fitness Magazines:
I treat myself to the odd fitness magazine for inspiration and tips on healthy living. They're more interesting to read than you'd think. Try to ignore the irony of sitting on your arse flicking through a magazine about fitness. 

Stay Away From Maltesers:
If your shaping up, Maltesers are the devil. That's why they come in a red box. They may be the lighter way to enjoy chocolate but not when you've demolished a 360gram box on your own. It's not possible to just have a couple. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The hardest part about exercising is starting it. I can feel a Nike slogan coming on 'Just Do It.'

What gets you motivated to work out? Are you jumping up to put your trainers on this very second or really fancying some Maltesers?

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Thanks so much for reading. Hope your enjoying the weekend x x


  1. Love the tips! Staying motivated is so hard. I think that setting realistic goals, keeping pics of what I want to look like really help. The hardest part is getting back on track once you've messed up?

    1. It really is. It's just finding the motivation again after a break.
      The pics is a good idea. I have to admit I've decided to make a last minute trip to the gym before now after seeing Alexa Chungs legs on Instagram! :)

      Thanks for your comment x x


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