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Living With Your Parents - What Drives You Mad & What You Miss

What I Posted: So excited to finally be on the property ladder! Loving having my own home!

What really happened: Have you heard of the Boomerang Generation? A generation of people, usually in their mid twenties(ish) who return home to live with their parents, typically so they can save for a mortgage deposit after studying/travelling/renting. In my mid twenties I fit the stereotype perfectly and made the big return.
After finishing University and renting for a few years I'd found myself stuck in a rut. I was paying more in rent that I would have for a mortgage and had zero chance of saving. My Mum suggested I move back home, save up and start over. So after four years living away I took my Mum up on her offer.

It's tricky when you make the return because you've been used to doing things your way, and your parents have been used to not having you under their feet, mainly moping because you'd really rather be in your own place. You find yourself slowly morphing back into a sulky teen but this time without a KEEP OUT sign for your bedroom door.

These are the things that annoyed me at the time, but would actually be lovely now that I'm in my own place again.

EVENING MEAL: This is a big deal, and needs to be discussed as soon as the day begins. 'Will I be in for tea?' needs to be established pronto. Sometimes I wouldn't know, sometimes I would prefer to finish my cereal before thinking about it, sometimes I'd just fancy making my own. Sometimes, and this was a biggie, sometimes I'd say no and it would still be cooked for me anyway!

SUPERMARKET SHOP: This is another big deal. 'Is there anything that I want?' Don't make the mistake of saying you'd enjoyed something or it'll be bought in bulk until it's coming out of your ears. Nobody wants an egg custard every week.

PROMOTING KITCHEN CUPBOARD CONTENT: Typically after a supermarket shop I'd be talked through the recently purchased items. If any of the new items remained untouched for a few days, stage two would commence. Various items would be taken out of the cupboard and displayed on the kitchen worktop as a subtle reminder and to visibly entice me into eating it.

LAUNDRY: My Mum is a laundry fanatic. "Have you anything that wants washing? What about those socks on your feet?" If something needs washing I would put it in the washing basket. Simple. Heaven help me if it was a good drying day. Dry AND breezy! Dressing gowns, flannels, bedding, there'd be a round up call for the lot. If it could be washed it was going in.
(I made a call to my Mum halfway through typing this post and she was in the middle of ironing. Just saying)

CUP OF TEA ON ARRIVAL: When I got in from work a cup of tea would be thrust at me. Without fail.

Why did I find these things annoying? I'd love to have a cup of tea made for me when I walk through the door after work, or have someone else wrestle their way round a supermarket on my behalf. I could even come to terms with having my laundry taken care of.

Occasionally I've found myself asking my boyfriend what he fancies for tea before he's finished his first coffee of the day. I've pointed out to him 'there's fresh pineapple chunks in the fridge' too before now...What have I become??

Have any of you ventured back to live at your family home and lived to tell the tale? Make the most of it, you really will miss it when you've left (well parts of it, when you need to do a big shop).

Thanks so much for reading. x x

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