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Ladies Day At Aintree - Expectations Vs Reality

What I posted: My first ever Ladies Day done! Had such a nice day dolled up sipping fizz in the sun.
What really happened: I descended on Aintree last Friday to experience my first Ladies Day at the races. Famed for the bold and brave outfits worn by event goers and for the not so lady like behaviour of its attendees, here are a few of my Aintree expectations and how they bared up in reality.

1. I will definitely be sipping Moet: A bottle of pink Moet cost £80!  I drank Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer.  Strictly speaking it is still fizz.

2. I might enter the competition for Most Stylish Lady (after a bit of Dutch courage): Shoving a fascinator on your head can give you delusions of grandeur. I didn't enter. In fact I only managed to catch a glimpse of the competition on an outdoor screen while I queued for the ladies toilets.  Pints of Crabbies can go straight through you.

3. An event photographer might stop me for a photo of my outfit: They didn't.

4. Betting on horses won't really be my kind of thing: After beginners luck and three wins in a row I was hooked.  Watching the races live was so much more exciting than I expected it to be.  I think it could be the first sport I've ever actually felt compelled to shout out loud at, and not a ladylike "Giddy Up" either but more of a "COME ONNNNNN."  It's surprising how you can change when the possibility of pink Moet is on the horizon.

5. I will not end up like the drunken disgraces you see in the papers. Ladylike for one day, how hard can it be: After seven hours stood on a slope in heels I could take it not longer. I trotted off shoe less (fascinator still on head) and swapped my Kooples heels from my meticulously planned monochrome outfit for a pair of complimentary lime green Crabbies flip flops. Black leather clutch in one hand, plastic carrier bag with shoes in in the other.

6. I'll enjoy looking at everyone's choice of outfit for the day: I tried not to gawp too obviously at fellow event goers outfits and put on a top notch performance of casually laughing off seeing a woman twenty years older than me in the same dress.

7. I'm only going to Liverpool I won't need sun cream: The top half of my back is a delightful bright red.

Despite suffering from sun burn after one day out in the North of England, Ladies Day was so much fun. A great chance to wear as elaborate an outfit or as casual an outfit as you like, and not feel out of place either way.  I'll be pencilling it in the diary for next year and maybe going for the next size up in the fascinator stakes. "Yoohoo, event photographer...look at me"

Thanks so much for reading x x


  1. nice post never been sounds like such fun

  2. I'm glad I tried it, it was loads of fun. I'd recommend it - but maybe only if the suns shining x x


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