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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - The Hassle Of Being Hair Free

What I posted:  Feeling lush after my latest beauty treatment.  I'm all set for summer!

What really happened: A hen do last weekend prompted me to book a bikini line wax.  I usually put this off for as long as possible to avoid the pain, and the embarrassment of bearing all to my beauty therapist.  I've had the same one do it for years now, in fact we've become friends in-between holding my breath and the tearing off of wax strips. I've still never gotten over the shame of revealing my wax ready private area each time.  I've come to the conclusion that it's a shame that never goes away.

The prospect of sitting in a hot tub with about ten other hens triggered a swim wear related panic. I've talked regularly at home about 'Operation Hot Pants' since January, a full body tone up that will banish all cellulite.  This has however yet to progress from the recurring thought stage of the program. On top of this my pale skin hasn't seen the sun in a good twelve months.  To avoid a third bodily horror, or embarrassing mix-up when passing the poolside 'no pets allowed notice,' I seized the day and booked my wax.

My boyfriend rejoiced.  I can usually take his jokes as well as the next person but on this occasion one badly timed racoon remark hit a nerve.  I pondered while in a hair free sulk, where the pressure to be hair free had come from. If people in the 1700's bought Merkins to hide hair loss what happened from then to now?  When did we switch from hiding hair loss to forking out for a Hollywood?

After a bit of hair related snooping on the internet, 'it's off because it's out' seems to be the general consensus in the rise of the fashion to remove hair.  As fashion's became freer the trend of being hair free increased.  A 1915 advert for Gillette razors is noted to have had a big impact and helped kick off the fashion, implying confidence and happiness as results.
I want to point out that I'm in no way unusually hairy (I hope), please don't picture me sat typing this post with paws or have visions of me doing some pampering with a Black and Decker device!  I'm a brunette though and find that shaving alone just doesn't always give me the lasting smooth results that I get from waxing.

While it would make life that bit easier if I didn't have to fight mother nature, I feel so much better about myself when I'm waxed.  Ultimately I suppose it's how you feel that counts.  If you're happy hairy then so be it, and who knows you might find a Mr Right who harbours a fetish for 18th century fashions.

Bigger eyebrows have made a comeback recently so who knows what other bodily hair might be next. Wouldn't life be easier if hairy was in fashion.

Thanks so much for reading x x


  1. No matter how long me and my husband have been together, it's always an awkward moment for us both when he walks in on me wearing a face full of jolene ;-/


  2. That comment has really made me chuckle! When I was wrighting this post I almost went on to include the hair fighting products that I regularly use and swear by- Jolene Creme Bleach would've been up amongst them! Thanks for your feedback x x

  3. Haha I absolutely love this post! Sometimes it just seems like such a massive effort to wax/shave or whatever! It's one of the things I dread most about summer, especially when i shave my legs and go out feeling great then realised i've missed a little patch.

    I'd like to nominate you for the Liebster award, you can find more details and the questions on my latest blog post <3 x


  4. Oh my god the dreaded missed patch, you only ever notice it when it's glistening in the sun! 🙈
    Oooh how exciting, thanks!! I'll check out your blog x x


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