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Couples That Exercise Together Stay Together...Right?

What I posted: Feeling motivated after a riverside run with the boy!

What really happened: It's been a long, exercise free winter for me. I used to go to the gym regularly, maybe two or three times a week, but my motivation over the last few months has been AWOL. Last week without warning, in a prodigal son type scenario, my motivation unexpectedly returned.
I'm not sure what the turning point was. The evening I sat curled up in my dressing gown, watching telly, eating a box of Maltesers like they were a packet of crisps, or the shopping trip to River Island for holiday swimwear.
Nothing fills you with dread more than the prospect of having to do a poolside, bikini clad, saunter past fellow sun bathers, while actually thinking 'Christ I hope everyone is reading and not looking at me. Get me in that pool. Be casual, don't run!'
Don't even get me started on the 'emerging from the pool' saga.

My boyfriend likes to keep active, so at least I have an exercise buddy while I've got my workout mojo back. Be wary though, you may unleash a side to your man that you've never seen when you try the following together.

A Game of Squash
My View: This will be a bit of fun. Let's see how many times we can hit the ball to each other without stopping.
His View: There's no point in playing if your not playing to win. I'll give her constant pointers to help her improve. I'll offer to play with my left hand so that she has a chance of winning a point. This is thoughtful and in no way patronising.

Road Running
My View: I'll just gently jog and then walk for a bit if I start to struggle. There's no rush. I'll resist the urge to punch him in the face if he says 'come on, keep going' one more time.
His View: Speed is everything. We need to keep the pace up, and keep moving. I'll track our progress with my Strava app.

My View: This will be relaxing. Fresh air and a bit of scenery. Lovely.
His View: I know a great 21 mile route we can nail. "If you use your gears properly you won't need to stop!"

The Gym
My View: We can use the treadmills together and catch up. I'll give him a wave when he's in the weights room, that'll be sweet.
His View: Yeah I'll see you after my workout. Meet me in the steam room.

Our approach to fitness may be worlds apart at times, but we agree on one thing. You feel so much better when you exercise. It's not just about shaping up and being able to wear something other than a shift dress every time I go out. It sounds a bit dramatic but I find that my outlook on life is more positive when I get regular exercise. Maybe this is because I can eat Maltesers guilt free.

I once read in a women's fitness magazine that you should listen to your body. If your body is telling you it needs to rest, listen to it (or that's how I interpreted it anyway). A healthy balance between exercise and rest is what I'm aiming for.

Don't underestimate the power of exercise, and don't underestimate that feeling when you secretly improve at squash and actually win a game. Time to play with your right hand you swine!!

Thanks so much for reading x x


  1. Haha i love this post! I wish my boyfriend would exercise with me, he is way too lazy!
    Love Jen | Enter my Mac giveaway xx

    1. Haha, thanks Jen. I'll check out your giveaway! Who doesn't love a new lipstick :) x x

  2. This is a brilliantly written blog. Great read! Xx Farzana

    1. Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it x x


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