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20 Signs I Need A Change From My Nine To Five

There are days at work when sitting at my desk for eight hours drives me slightly mad. If you work in a quiet office you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. These are the signs telling me I'm ready for a change.

1. I sit at my desk in the morning and start by repeating positive mantra's to myself to try and summon motivation.

2. I make a list of all the things that I WILL do...tomorrow.

3. I drink gallons of water. I may be bored to within an inch of my life but my God my skin looks hydrated.

4. I talk to my colleagues about everything I can think of, then grill them on their own lives.

5. Social media is a life line. I check Twitter, Instagram, Facebook about ten times every hour.

6. I read posts on Bloglovin as above.

7. A tea break is a highlight of my day. If I need it I'll throw in a biscuit.

8. I play Candy Crush Soda Saga and thoroughly enjoy it. I currently only ever use my five free lives. Paying for extra lives is a cry for help. I know, I know, playing the game in the first place is questionable.

9. Forgetting I've packed something particularly nice for lunch and re-discovering it a lunch time is a pretty big deal.

10. My Instagram news feed has no new updates because I've only just looked 34 seconds ago. Any 'sipping smoothies poolside' snaps are hard to look at.  

11. I post a photo of my own on Instagram. Checking any feedback will pass a bit of time.

12. I can't think of a single person I want to Facebook stalk because I've already looked at everybody.

13. If I find any positive affirmations on social media such as 'Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come' I save them thinking yessss this is so me right now.

14. I text friends and make plans for outside of work.

15. I text my boyfriend and tell him I'm bored on the off chance that he might have a solution. If I get the chance I'll phone him a bit later on and tell him that I'm still bored.

16. I rearrange my office and have a tidy out. Maybe Feng Shui will help.

17. I google career advice and conclude I'm ready for a change.

18. I scour my Indeed job app and look for an exciting job. I get a bit depressed and come off it.

19. I try to think of something that I could invent and present on Dragons Den. Reggae Reggae Sauce has already been done...hmmmm.

20. I mull over how long it would be until my home was repossessed if I just quit today. Not long.

I do of course do some work, I'm so much happier when I'm busy it's just the quiet days sat at a desk that bring out the above in me. If you happen to be sat at a desk reading this "Keep The Faith Desk Sisters! You Can Do It! Go Make That Cup Of Tea!!" 

Do you have any desk survival tips? Send them my way.

Thanks so much for reading x x


  1. This post is totally me right now, I can relate to every single point! I wish I could offer survival tips but I'm still trying to figure that out for myself ;) As they say "This too shall pass", and in the meantime thank god for bloglovin and twitter :)


  2. Thank God indeed Joanne! Imagine the working day without Twitter! It doesn't bear thinking about. I've never been more clued up on current affairs and celebrity gossip :) x


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