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What You Can't Hide When You Travel With Your Partner

What I posted: 
Feeling spoiled after a weekend away with the boy in sunny Dublin.  Back home recovering after a few cheeky pints of Guinness.

What really happened: 
You always get to know your partner that little bit better after a trip away together. I'm in no doubt that most men and women have a different approach to travelling. Here's a few observations from my City break to Dublin last weekend and what can be expected when venturing to distant lands with me as your trusty travel companion (yes yes for the purposes of a blog post, a 35 minute flight to Dublin counts as a distant land).

1. As soon as tickets are booked I will start to plan my outfits which will inevitably consist of several new items.  I will start to pack a week before I go - He will pack the night before.

2. My new items are often a mistake. New shoes for a city break are a bad idea, which is precisely what I was thinking when I trotted about Dublin with my feet torn to shreds. I also had the misfortune of discovering two holes in the leg of my new dungarees. Not the kind of discovery you want to make when sat on an open top tour bus cruising past the childhood home of Oscar Wilde.  Oscar may very well have said "there's only one thing worse than being talked about, not being talked about" but nobody wants to be talked about because she has holes in her dungarees!

3. I get anxious when I arrive at airports.  I wouldn't say that I'm afraid of flying but I've started recently getting anxiety attacks when checking in. I'm not entirely sure if it's triggered by the amount of faffing and preparing that has taken place on my part since booking tickets, finding and packing the perfect outfits and remembering passports - He'll buy me a large wine while I repeat positive mantras and try to stop picturing the opening scenes of Final Destination.

4. I'm not a natural beauty.  A whole load more faffing will ensue when checking my hand luggage in through Customs, juggling my several clear resealable toiletry bags stuffed with my must have beauty essentials - He'll pop his one clear bag containing deodorant, after shave and hair wax through.

5. Drinking lager in an afternoon doesn't agree with me.  I don't usually drink lager at all but thought it a suitable choice when sampling the pubs in Dublins Temple Bar area.  A few halves later I was in a bad mood (halves because I was still trying to cling on to what femininity I had left, stood wearing dungarees and quaffing lager in an Irish pub with a rugby match blaring out) - He drank pints and was not in a mood.

6. A souvenir shop can pull me out of any mood and rescue an evening. I love novelty gifts from holidays, the tackier the better.  My parents will be absolutely thrilled with their Shamrock Shortbread - He quite likes a nosey round gift shops too (I think! I black out and only have eyes for magnets and tea towels).

7. What happens in the hotel bathroom stays in the hotel bathroom.  It's inevitable that a change to diet and excess Guinness may lead to unusual 'bathroom activity' - you both know it's going on but with a bid to keep an air of romance and as a mark of respect plead ignorance and when he emerges from the bathroom claim that you always sit wide eyed with the telly blaring out.

8. Imodium becomes my best friend.  In a bid to avoid the above I never travel without it.

9. I become mute when asking for directions, checking into hotels, ordering coffee or in fact saying anything if there's a language barrier.  I stand well back and let him muscle his way through. Although I should admit that once in Italy I was 'encouraged' to try and speak the language and did successfully order 'pollo.'  I'm practically fluent, when forced.

10. I don't like to miss an opportunity for a photograph...of anything.  'DON'T take a sip of your coffee until I've taken a quick photo'.  I'm new to blogging and you just never know when that photo might come in.

11. The post holiday blues can be a humdinger.  I like to save a novelty gift for arrival home. Kicking back on your sofa with a lucky leprechaun bar of chocolate can really ease the pain of unpacking and returning to normality.

You'd think we'd had a terrible weekend but we didn't, I promise.  I'd recommend Dublin for a short break, so much history to take in, and it'll help if your a fan of a tipple or two.

Thanks for reading xx 


  1. I loved this, I am the same will plan massively in advance while the boyfriend leaves it until the last minute. Great post! xx


    1. Glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for your comment x x


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