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What Nobody Tells You About Being In Your Thirties

What I posted:
My Birthday week has finally arrived! Let the celebrations commence!

What really happened:
Did I mention it's my Birthday this week?? I'll be spending the big day itself at work, but I fully intend to make up for it and celebrate at the weekend.  I'm turning 31 this time which brings a promise of self assurance and great wisdom, although this comes at a price.

In honour of well and truly leaving my twenties behind, here's a list of things I've noticed since turning 30.

1. I worry more.  Sometimes I feel worried but can't put my finger on what it is that I'm worrying about. Then I start to mull over all the things that it might possibly be, and the cycle goes on.

2. Hangovers are hell.  Two days of suffering minimum.

3. TV programmes can bring me to tears (an episode of Neighbours was my most embarrassing outburst.  Karl and Susan were so good together).

4. A good TV programme can be a highlight of my evening.  I look forward to an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills far too much, even the repeats.

5. I still get spots from time to time.  I assumed that spot breakouts would be a distant memory by now.

6.. Evening Primrose Oil is something I now take.  I can't say I'm too sure if I feel any benefit but it's better to be safe than sorry right?

7. When I book tickets for music festivals I worry if I'll survive three nights of drinking and sleeping in a tent.  I try not to let this put me off as I need to cram as many festivals in as possible before my hips and/or knees start to fail me.

8. I enjoy an early night.  Not in a Fifty Shades Of Grey kind of way, but in a 'I could really do with a solid 8 hours of sleep' kind of way.

9. My Facebook news feed has changed dramatically.  Photos of wild weekends have been ditched for wedding snaps and child maintenance squabbles (I kidd you not, I read one today over lunch). I'm not casting judgement here, I'm just as guilty as the next 30 year old for posting lovely day out photos.

10. I feel bothered if I have ironing that needs doing, I can't ignore it or relax until it's done.

11. If I sit on the floor with my niece and nephew for too long I loose the feeling in my legs.

12. I like to write myself lists and reminder notes otherwise I can't cope with all my 'To Do's' swirling about my head.

13. I feel over the moon if I get asked for ID when I'm buying alcohol and share the news with whoever I come into contact with first.  I trot off home beaming and raise a toast to Eternal Youth, 60% sure dressing like a student when I shop at Morrisons has nothing to do with it.

14. The M word has started to fill me with dread (not Morrisons - Menopause). Ok, a bit dramatic, I'm not quite at this stage of life yet but I have started to become aware that IT IS coming. Do other 30 year old females share this dread? Christ, where did I put my Evening Primrose Oil?

Despite all of the above I've quite enjoyed being 30. Bring on the next year which I intend to embrace, may the popping of Prosecco corks drown out the ticking of my body clock.  Best get a good 8 hours in first.

Sending apologies to any horrified 29 year old readers.

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Haha, I feel exactly the same! Great list :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    p.s - Thanks for linking up to the Lifestyle Linkup this week!


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