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How To Survive A Quiet Weekend

What I posted:
TGI Friday...tomorrow!  The countdown is nearly over, looking forward to a relaxing weekend in with the boyfriend x

What really happened:
I AM looking forward to the weekend, and it IS going to be a quiet one, but more through necessity than choice. I've got great weekends on the horizon, a close friend's hen do, Ladies Day at Aintree, a wedding, a holiday, and a music festival, but this does mean that for now I'm temporarily on the bread line.
Also, a badly timed leak in my flat, which went undetected for a while, triggered the arrival of an unusually large water bill which has thrown a spanner in the works (feel free to add your own plumber joke).  Money down the drain, literally.
My boyfriend would usually treat me to a meal or night out but he's in a similar financial boat, currently renovating his house.  Any trips out or treats that would've come my way have understandably been traded for kitchen units and carpets.

It would appear that a 'grown ups social life' has been thrust upon me so here are my survival tactics for a weekend in, when you'd really rather be going out.

I rename the weekend and declare it 'A Well-being Weekend' and start it with a swift trip to the gym. I feel more pleased with myself than usual if I manage a trip to the gym at the weekend.  I throw in a post workout green tea with lemon and hey presto - ten years younger by Monday.  Surely?

I make the most of a hangover free head and find a complicated recipe on-line that I would never usually have the time to make.  Then I pass part of the morning shopping for the long list of ingredients and feel a surge of culinary confidence while buying saffron strands, fresh herbs and mustard powder.  The remainder of which will wither unused in the darkness of my kitchen cupboards, but they look pretty impressive on my shelves in the meantime.

I take a drive to my nearest Ikea, stroll round following the arrows and look at EVERYTHING, then leave with a pack of SINNLIG scented tealights, £1.35 for 30 (currently on sale).  I don't let the man in my life sat on various settee's staring at his phone put me off browsing. I explain to him that I'm not buying a 4 pack of the RAJTAN tiny jars just because they're cute and only £1.50.  I NEED these...for the spices I'm not likely to use again.

I scour Trip Advisor for photographs of the hotel I'll be staying in this summer and only read the good reviews, as a reminder of why I'm staying in this weekend.  Then plan my entire holiday wardrobe on the Topshop app.

I spend the evening playing a board game livened up with a bottle and a half of prosecco.  I successfully trialled this recently with a game of Monopoly, although I did later regret singing the whole of Happy Birthday to my boyfriend's brother when he turned over the 'It's your birthday receive £10 from each player card.' It seemed appropriate at the time.

I do not listen to any 'makes me want to go out music' after the bottle and a half of prosecco, such as Fallout - Catfish and The Bottlemen.  This will only lead me into a mild sulk and take the edge off my 'well being' frame of mind.

I do not refresh my Facebook news feed continuously, nothing exciting is likely to be on there.  I just refresh it as soon as I wake up, and then a bit later, and then a bit later after that.

Before I know it my Monday morning alarm will be going off after a not so exciting weekend, yet I'll find myself thinking back fondly wishing it was here again.

Hope you enjoyed reading and have lots planned for your weekend x

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