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Home Details: A Girl Living Alone

I am currently lady of the manor, well lady of the one bedroom flat, and am therefore free to fill my cupboards and shelves with as many flowery trinkets as I desire with not so much as a whiff of testosterone fuelled questioning. I also just so happen to be trying to get to grips with a new camera, so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl and share some of my home accessories with you.

I decorated my home in shades of white (yes there are shades of white apparently - vintage white, champagne white or cotton white? hmmm decisions, decisions) and added hints of colour with easily changeable accessories. When I first viewed my flat I was 29 and single. Stand back aghast.  In a society that piles on the pressure for single girls to meet that 'someone special,' having a man in your life doesn't have to be the be all and end all, well not when it comes to choosing your home accessories.

Here's a peak at some of mine.

The armchair and side table are from MADE. A fairly recent discovery but I'm already in love with their original designs. MADE is based on-line so you pay less than you would in high street stores. The dining table and tableware are from the tried and tested IKEA.  A Swedish furniture heaven. Feel free to comment if you want to know where the smaller bits and pieces are from.

I should point out that while I was waiting for my moving in date I did happen to meet my boyfriend and I wasn't exactly burning bras when I asked him to fit my new light fittings, connect my electric oven and drive my new dining table home from IKEA. 

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post while sat back against your perfectly plumped cushions, with your cup of coffee placed ON and not next to that heart shaped coaster.  Be happy ladies just as you are - hell why not treat yourself to some more ornamental hearts to hang around your home, you probably deserve them. xx


  1. Picture look fabulous. Great camera skills. You've inspired a trip to Home Sense as a girl can never have too many knick knacks! x

  2. Gorgeous decor! I love all the little bits and pieces, like the dangly hearts and candles. Also such a good idea to have mainly white decor as it makes it so much easier if you ever feel like a change! xx

    Laurel | www.alittlepieceofdriftwood.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Thanks so much for your comment. All white is so clean and bright isn't it x x


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