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A Wardrobe Clear Out With Spring In Mind

What I posted:
Busy clearing out my wardrobe and planning my spring ready outfits. So hard deciding what to part with.

What really happened:
After the slight change of plans last weekend I ended up embarking on a wardrobe clear out.  The kind of task that you only undertake when you have exhausted all other options.  I have far too many clothes that I don't wear any more, mainly from my pre-mortgage days when I would buy a new outfit every weekend.

If you're like me when your having a clear out, you'll separate your clothes into piles of keep, throw, or maybe. To help with this It's said you should ask yourself "Would I buy this now?" and "Have I worn this in the past year?" During yesterdays clear out however I stumbled upon an outfit that raised the question "Why did I ever buy this in the first place?"

I bought a 1960s Dereta suit from Dirty Blonde, a now closed down vintage shop in Stoke Newington about four years ago for £30/£40.  It reminded me of a classic Chanel suit so I felt compelled to buy it.  Encouraged by the FOUR friends I was with who all voted 'buy it,' and the Harrods label sewn inside, I snapped it up.  I refused to let the shoulder pads, or the fact it didn't fit too well, or the fact that it's pink (I usually always wear black), or the fact that it adds about thirty years to me, put me off.  I trotted out of the shop thrilled with my purchase which I later learned was originally advertised in 1949 as a suit 'for the woman who is sure of herself.'

Four years on I have still never worn it except for in the privacy of my flat, once when the very friends who urged me to buy it came over for drinks and laughed at me in it, and a second time when my boyfriend took photos of me in it for this post, in between laughing.

I know that the suit does nothing for me but I just can't bring myself to part with it, not even during the current 70's revival.  According to vintagefashionguild.org in "the 1950s Vogue magazine put it's stamp of approval on Dereta."  How can I toss it to the fashion scrapheap knowing this?
I find myself getting defensive when people laugh at it... "It's got a Harrods label in, show some respect."

I decided in the end to keep it for now.  You never know when that special invite might turn up: Dress Code- ill fitted, looks like Chanel but isn't Chanel, two piece suit with shoulder pads.

Perfect, I've got just the thing!

What do you think?  Love it or hate it?  Hope you enjoyed reading x

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