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Nothing Says I Love You Like Triangular Shaped Chocolate

For Valentine's Day this year a table is already booked at a mystery restaurant.  All I need to do is pick the perfect outfit and wait for my lift on the night.  Thinking back to Valentine's Days gone by my previous boyfriends haven't been quite as thoughtful, trust me.  Here are my Top 5 Valentine's Day Disappointments. 

5.The only card I received was a hoax
The sender had cut letters out of a newspaper to make their 'declaration of love' hoping they would remain undetectable.  A friend of mine always sniggered a little too much whenever I brought it up. As a single girl seeking true love Valentine's Day wasn't the right time for jokes.

4. I didn't even receive a hoax
There is nothing quite like the disappointment of not receiving a single card.

3. My Valentine's card was a birthday card
With a small stock of cards up for grabs in a local corner shop the one I received had 'Happy Birthday' crossed out and 'Happy Valentine's Day' scrawled across the front.  Receiving a card was progress, however I did have to sit outside the shop while the necessary amendments were made.

2. A romantic meal was interrupted by a sickness bug
Instead of gazing into anyone's eyes I spent most of the night gazing into the toilet.

1. A Toblerone
My number one speaks for itself.  A Toblerone, and not even the 400g one.  No card, he didn't like cards.

Needless to say this year is already off to a winning start x

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