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DIY Heaven or Hell?

What I posted;

Yesterday was officially DIY Sunday in my flat.  My bathroom saw the start of a serious revamp thanks to a helping hand from my boyfriend.  He did most of the manual labour.  Well ok, he did it all. 

What really happened;

I've hated the bathroom tiles since I moved in and having lovingly redecorated the rest of the flat the bathroom is my last job.  I had great pleasure in seeing these horrors finally be taken off yesterday.  If you're of a sensitive disposition you may find the following image upsetting.


My heavenly home improvements were disrupted an hour in, from a not so friendly neighbour, who after knocking on my front door waltzed uninvited into my flat and quizzed me on why I was redecorating, asked would I stop and claimed the noise was unfair.  When he started trying to tell me how to decorate my own home he was given an apology for any brief noise and was politely asked to leave.  He returned shortly after somewhat disgruntled and made a further complaint about a tiny amount of dust on the peach communal carpet.  All of this at 3:30pm. 
I'm still not sure who was more upset in the end, my neighbour over the dust on the peach communal carpet, or myself over the fact that the communal carpet is peach.

I may have fallen out with the man upstairs but shopping for the perfect tiles makes up for it.  Taking inspiration from the ideas below, I'm looking for crisp white tiles with a feature of bold colour.


Two trips to the skip and one trespasser later I'm closer to my dream bathroom. 

Hope you enjoyed reading x

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