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Be My Valentine

They say true love knows no bounds, unless your bound by a £20 gift budget that is.  For my second Valentines celebration with my boyfriend I suggested a budget to see what creative gifts we could come up with on a shoe string allowance.

Taking inspiration from the "love lock" bridge, Pont L'Archeveche in Paris I had my very own eureka moment and decided to get a love lock of our own and see if we could start the trend in our usually unromantic home city.  The locks are meant to symbolise an unbreakable love.  If you place the lock at a landmark or any place special to you, it is thought that the two lovers who place it there will one day return to that spot and their love will be forever locked.

For only £10 I was able to get a padlock and even had the date I met my boyfriend engraved on it. Typically lovers have their names or initials engraved but seeing that some authorities view the 'love locks' as vandalism I opted for a more incognito declaration of love (if there is such a thing) not wanting to lead any scrupulous environmental health enforcement officers straight to the culprits. There's no allowance for fines in this years budget.

So there you have it, for a bargain price of £10 our love will be forever locked this Valentines Day, unless of course local authorities see fit and take a pair of bolt cutters to it.  What did I spend the rest of the budget on?  A card and a bottle of plonk.

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