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Postcards From Mallorca; Puerto Pollensa

And the award for most unseasonal blogger goes to ... 

Please accept my apologies for one more post featuring sun, sea and ... sand, at a time when the nights are drawing in, the roll necks are out and it's very nearly acceptable to be drinking mulled wine again. Thank you for bearing with me.

I mentioned in my last post that I recently went to Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca for a blissful long weekend with Oliver. Well I've put together a (photo heavy) mini travel guide. Make way for blue skies... remember them?

Postcards From Mallorca; Valldemossa & Deià

Valldemossa, Mallorca

I've been unintentionally absent from the blog a bit lately with a busy but fun October that left little time to sit and write. But like the prodigal blogger I am, it's lovely to be back.

One of my excuses for the radio silence was a wonderful long weekend in Mallorca with Oliver. (Is it Majorca or Mallorca?).

I had pre-conceived ideas of what to expect from the island stemming from a hen do in Magaluf many moons ago. Namely Brits abroad tucking into full English breakfasts washed down with pints of lager. A sight that's stayed with me and triggers indigestion just thinking about it.

While this cholesterol increasing scene may be expected of 'the strip' in Megamuf Magaluf, thankfully it couldn't be further from the truth in other parts of the island which are beautifully peaceful and idyllic.

Suddenly You're 30 (+3) & Blogging About M&S (Why There's No Need To Panic)

Once upon a time at my boyfriends Mum's house... 

Boyfriends Mum: "Do you like my new dress from Marks and Spencer's?"

Me: "I do! I've seen some lovely things in there at the minute. Does that mean I'm getting old if I like things in M&S now?"

Exit stage left with foot in mouth. 
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