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A Night At Northcote Manor

Is there anywhere nicer to be than tucked up in the crisp whites of a comfy hotel bed while the contents of an indulgent dinner slosh about your stomach? Throw in a few added extras by way of Classic FM lowly playing on the radio as you arrive, a tea tray to rival the most mothering of Mothers, and it'll do pour moi. 
I'm talking cafetières, home made ginger biscuits and fresh milk. Sling yer hook UHT one is having a half decent brew today.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder - A Catch Up

It's often the case that the first sentence is the hardest to write. More so when you haven't put 'pen to paper' in months. I've had an unplanned blog hiatus you see, and without any hugely interesting reason other than I've just not been feeling it. I've enjoyed a delightful freedom in letting the blog be for a bit.

I'm not entirely sure what brought about the change. I kept meaning to come on here and catch up but found I wasn't 100% on what I wanted to share. There's a thin line between sharing and coming across as showy, and I grew troubled by what side of the line I sat. I came to the conclusion that this blog doesn't really represent me anymore...
*sing Les Miserables 'Who Am I?' now

The Pink Ladies Pledge

My puffer jacket exploded at the seams yesterday in a beautifully timed tribute to long awaited Spring weather. Thank goodness then, that the sun put his hat on. Hip hip hip hooray indeed. In a second turn up for the books I wore pink, and pastel pink at that. There'll be no toddlers in Office World harking, *"that's not a lady, that's a man" today. 
*based on a true event

Yes, I Went Motor-homing & No, I've Not Retired

There are two things to note. 
1, I recently spent 4 nights in a motorhome taking in the sights of Northumberland. 
2, I am not getting a perm nor taking early retirement. 

You heard it here first, people will be ditching their VW campers by the droves, in favour of a Sunlight T69L before you can say purple rinse.
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