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The Pink Ladies Pledge

My puffer jacket exploded at the seams yesterday in a beautifully timed tribute to long awaited Spring weather. Thank goodness then, that the sun put his hat on. Hip hip hip hooray indeed. In a second turn up for the books I wore pink, and pastel pink at that. There'll be no toddlers in Office World harking, *"that's not a lady, that's a man" today. 
*based on a true event

Yes, I Went Motor-homing & No, I've Not Retired

There are two things to note. 
1, I recently spent 4 nights in a motorhome taking in the sights of Northumberland. 
2, I am not getting a perm nor taking early retirement. 

You heard it here first, people will be ditching their VW campers by the droves, in favour of a Sunlight T69L before you can say purple rinse.

A Saturday in Manchester

Well hello there, how's things? You might have noticed that I missed posting last Sunday. I was let down by unforeseen delays developing a roll of film. Trying to keep up with the cool kids is harder than it looks. I din't want to churn out any old thing in a bit of a rush (I think better of you than that) so instead the week slipped by without a post. 

In truth, perhaps I could've managed to squeeze some quality content out at the last minute had I not spent the most part of last Saturday catching up with a friend in Manchester. 

If a recent tweet by @TheMinimalists is to be believed "Your calendar reflects your true priorities" then make what you will of 'cocktails over lunch with Sarah'.

Confessions No.1 - A New Monthly Series

Hello pals! How's tricks? I've been trying to think of something that could be a bit of a regular feature on here. A series of some sort that I could make a monthly fixture and I think I've decided on a confessional. It'll be a chatty post on whatever springs to mind that may bring on hot sweats (mine that is) but will hopefully provide you with five or ten minutes of entertainment. Will it be worth the oversharing? We'll see.
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